Dem Rep. Green: Rep. Steve King, Andrew Johnson Provide Precedent for Trump’s Impeachment

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto Live,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) reiterated his call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. When pressed by Cavuto about the legality, which Cavuto said lawyers had told him Green’s call was without merit, Green insisted it was and cited actions by Congress to strip his colleague Rep. Steve King (R-IA) of committee assignment and because of the standard for former President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment. Johnson was impeached, but not removed from office. “It apparently was provable to some extent because Mr. Steve King, my colleague in Congress, has been removed from his committee assignments and he’s been condemned for some of his activities and some of the things he said. Also, if these persons that you talk to are correct, and there are others who would differ with them, I assure you – there are scholars who would differ with them – but if these persons were correct, then Andrew Johnson would not have been impeached for simply speaking ill of Congress.” “High crimes and misdemeanors – let’s look at the word ‘misdemeanor,’ it means misdeed,” Green added. “Even to this day, it does. When the Constitution was written – Article 2, Section 4 was placed in

Source: Breitbart News