Kristol: People Agreeing with Me — Trump Lacks ‘Psychological State’ for Presidency

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” political commentator and “never-Trumper” Bill Kristol said people who weren’t on board with doubts about President Donald Trump now think he doesn’t have “the psychological state” to be trusted as president. Kristol said, “Twitter, you do see him sort of unplugged so to speak. I’ve got to say this weekend, people who haven’t agreed with me, people who have said to me over and over ‘Oh, come on, Bill, the tweets are annoying and vulgar and even a little bit disagreeable, let’s say, for a president, but, you know, the tax cuts are good and the judges are good.’ I’d say this weekend a few people said, ‘You know, maybe this really shows that he’s not stable, he doesn’t have the psychological state to be trusted as president,’ and especially of an additional four years.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Source: Breitbart News