Maxine Waters: Trump Can Not Be Allowed to Continue Without ‘Confrontation’ — He Is a ‘Danger’

Last weekend at Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump could not be allowed “to continue without confrontation” because, according to the California Democrat, he is a “danger.” Waters said, “You can only lie for so long. You can only disrespect for so long. Much of what many folks have gotten in trouble about this president is guilty of. Do you remember when he talked about grabbing a woman by their private parts? Do you know that there are women still waiting in line that he has abused, that he sexually harassed, that he has been involved with? We got people all over this country going to jail all over this country, but it is time for the country to understand this is who deserves to be in jail.” She continued, “There is a big debate whether or not a president of the United States can be indicted. I’m not on that debate because my Constitution tells me he can be impeached. My Constitution tells me that that is a responsibility of the members of Congress to determine whether or not the president has been involved in anything that basically undermines or disrespects the democracy. We have the responsibility

Source: Breitbart News