NYT’s Haberman: Trump Wins by ‘Shocking People’ — He Will Continue That Going Into 2020

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman weighed in Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day” on President Donald Trump’s tweets over the weekend, some of which went after deceased Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Haberman noted that Trump wins by “shocking people” with his conspiracy-minded tweets, predicting the president will use the same strategy going into a 2020 re-election bid. “I think that [Trump] is heating a lot of what would typically be seen as taboo targets,” Haberman stated. “He is making clear he is not going to relent on going after not just a war hero, but a deceased war hero. He is spreading more conspiracy-minded tweets. I think that the way that he wins is by shocking people, and I think that is going to be what he is going to continue to do going forward.” Follow Trent Baker on TwitterĀ @MagnifiTrent

Source: Breitbart News