Scarborough on McCain Attacks: Trump Has ‘Brainwashed’ the GOP — ‘A Sickness in the Republican Party’

During a Wednesday MSNBC “Morning Joe” segment reacting to President Donald Trump’s continued criticisms of former Sen. John McCain, host Joe Scarborough blasted the president and what the GOP has become since Trump’s election. According to Scarborough, the “abhorrent” Trump has “completely brainwashed” the entire Republican Party. “[I]t’s baked into the cake for Donald Trump. As a public figure, he’s just abhorrent. He’s an abhorrent example, he’s an abhorrent public servant,” stated Scarborough. “But he’s also … completely brainwashed an entire party.” Scarborough noted Trump’s bone spurs deferments, calling his and other people’s criticisms of McCain’s service “a sickness.” “People that support Donald Trump … calling John McCain a traitor — that is a sickness in the Republican Party,” he advised. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

Source: Breitbart News