WorkdayVoice: All Ages Welcome: Tips For Managing The Multi-Generational Workforce

The dynamics of multi-generational family gatherings — where younger people feel they’re not being taken seriously and older people feel they’re not being listened to — are playing out in workplaces around the country now that three generations of adults are working together. As a manager, regardless of your age, you’re sitting at the head of the table and everyone is looking to you to keep misunderstandings from erupting into full-blown feuds. Delayed retirement and increased longevity can also create situations in which a Baby Boomer, a Gen Xer and a Millennial all occupy leadership positions at the same company.

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WorkdayVoice: Three Reasons Finance Finally Is Embracing The Cloud

In my role, I spend a lot of time discussing how finance in the cloud has evolved. And, I’ve noticed that those conversations have fundamentally changed over the last few years. There used to be a lot of talk about whether the cloud was secure enough to manage an organization’s financials. Adding to these anxieties were questions about the maturity of cloud-based finance systems and the lack of successful use cases from large, global enterprises.

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Aging Overachiever: Black Hawk Poised To Be U.S. Army’s Workhorse Helicopter Through Mid-Century

The official plan is to replace thousands of 40-year-old Black Hawks in Army and Navy inventories with a “future vertical lift” system, but fiscal realities likely make that a fantasy. The nicest thing you can say about this situation is that Black Hawk has proven itself to be a mature, versatile combat system that still has potential for improvement.

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Millennials’ Demand For Customization, Control and Immediacy Drives New Jawwy Mobile Service

Jawwy means “my way” in Arabic, and a new mobile phone provider by the same name is appealing to the two-thirds of the population in Saudi Arabia who are under 30 years of age. Imagine ordering a new phone online and having it delivered via Uber in a couple of hours. […]

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The ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Trailer Is Getting A Lot Of Hate On Youtube

Will any of this matter? Impossible to say, just yet. Every year Call of Duty doubles down on its core player base, and it’s arguably more important than ever to keep those people happy. The series is not the juggernaut it was back in the latter days of the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it’s far from over. It’s a big core player base, as far as it goes, and this likely only represents a fraction of the people thinking of picking up the game. We’ll see how things look closer to release.

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How Meditating Made Me A Better Marketer

Marketing is a highly competitive industry. It’s no surprise to see marketers attempting to gain every advantage they can. Meditation is one such area that can provide you with incredible benefits through tapping into your natural psychic powers. There are three main ways in which in-depth meditation can set you apart […]

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The Ben and Jerry’s Trademark — No ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’

I spoke the other day at an event called Food and Agriculture Entrepreneurs, which was part of a presentation called “Slow Living Summit” sponsored in Brattleboro, Vermont. (While “Slow Living Summit” is an intriguing mark, that discussion will have to wait for another day.) Most, but not all, of the people […]

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Off Grid Solar Mountain Home 35 Acres Gunnison Colorado ID#:32656

Stunning off ­grid home mountain solar property (no electric bills) 35 wooded acres just west of the Rocky Mountains and 15 miles south of Gunnison, Colorado. The home has a main floor of 1,725 sq. ft. and a daylight basement of 1,350 sq. ft. Back up generator and wood burning stove.

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