Operational Coal Mine and Timberland Available For Sale in Tennessee

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Listing ID: 27054

Over 15,000 mineral acres of operating coal mine and timberland available (additional fee in the surface rights). Strip mining + 5 major additional coal seams. Up to 13,600 BTU coal being mined with low sulphur base.

15000 (+/-) Acres $45,000,000 USD

Contact seller for location, TN

Name: Craig Ginter Company Name: United Country RealQuest Realty
Phone: 970-260-6230 Other: 970-256-9700 Email Contact: Click Here!
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Listing ID: 30648


Hunter Ranch a 6715 acre cattle ranch several miles east of Lordsburg, New Mexico fronting Interstate 10. Currently used as a cattle ranch with a 300 head capacity. Also, 7 registered wells on the property and has irrigation permits for 157 acres. Ranch is fenced and cross fenced w/ good corrals.

6715 (+/-) Acres $3,000,000 USD

Interstate 10 Lordsburg, NM Hidalgo & Grant County, USA 88045
Contact Information:
Name: Kelly Romney
Phone: 915-307-1525
Other: Larry Memmott 602-524-8535
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Listing ID: 26928

Fun Lakefront Living on Lake Greenwood with Access to Grand Harbor Club Amenities
Greenwood County, SC

This beautiful lake front luxury home is designed to maximize your enjoyment of Lake Greenwood and the amenities you can access with your membership in Grand Harbor. Located in Patriot Plantation and on beautiful Lake Greenwood.

1.3 (+/-) Acres  $1,495,000 USD

Commonwealth Ninety Six, SC Greenwood County, USA 29666

Contact Information:
Name: Diana
Company Name: Coldwell Banker Premier Properties
Phone: 864-980-0644
Other: 864-942-2372
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WEB: Http://www.302commonwealth.com

Hunting Tract for Sale in Adair County, South Central KY

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Listing ID: 29502

Hunting Tract for Sale in Adair County, South Central KY

51 acre wooded hunting tract in Adair County. Blacktop road frontage, county water and electric available.

51 (+/-) Acres $67,500 USD

Little Cake Rd Columbia, KY Adair County, USA 42728

Contact Information:
Name: Glenda Company Name: United Country Metcalfe Realty
Phone: 866-781-0602 Other: 270-432-7355 Email Contact: Click Here!
WEB: www.metcalferealty.net


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Listing ID: 30631


A privately located vintage log cabin set amongst a combination of balsam trees and semi mature stand of sugar maples. Southwesterly facing setting allows abundance of sunshine in. Modern amenities with drilled water, septic, telephone, power and yet maintains a feeling of “going rustic”.

60 (+/-) Acres $425,000 USD214 Urban Rd
Cabot, VT Washington County, USA 05647
Contact Information:
Name: Beth Harrington Broker
Company Name: Harrington Realty
Phone: 802-563-6000
Email Contact: Click Here!
WEB: Harrington Realty


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Listing ID: 29046

20 View Acres for Sale in South Central Colorado

Nicely sheltered by surrounding hills, you will find 20+/- acres of rolling grassland in Big Horn Ranch with tremendous Sangre de Cristo Mountain views.

20 (+/-) Acres $63,400 USD

Choctaw Dr. Canon City, CO Fremont County, USA 81212

Contact Information:
Name: Elizabeth Watson
Company Name: Watson Land Company
Phone: 719-783-2803
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WEB: WatsonLand.com

Urban Survival Tools

Urban Survival Tools

Urban Survival Tools - Pry bar

Pry bar for urban survival

Surviving in an urban or suburban environment requires some tools that are not required or are less critical in the rural regions or wilderness . There are a lot more blind corners, dark enclosed spaces, and solid obstacles in towns than in the open forests. We will not be discussing universal survival needs such as first aid kits, food, water, effective camouflage or other field kit items. I also will not cover weapons in detail. Obviously high capacity handguns, carbines and short-barreled shotguns are better suited to urban situations than long-barreled weapons. A good quality “survival knife” is essential in all environments. The following items are of special value when moving through a built-up area.

List of 9 Urban Survival Tools

Stainless-steel mirror: As you move through or around buildings you will need to peek around corners, over walls and through windows and doorways. A small stainless steel camping mirror on a short handle could truly save your life.


Variable intensity flashlight: The new “tactical” flashlights that can be set to give the minimum light when you don’t want to be noticed and a very bright light and/or strobe to blind potential attackers as you move at night or through darkened buildings is essential. These are expensive, costing from $50.00 to $200.00, but well worth the cost for all kinds of emergencies.


Axe/Hatchet: You will probably need to cut through locked buildings to avoid danger or find shelter. This will necessitate breaking windows, gates, fences and doors. You may also be forced to escape through a wall or locked door.


Pry bar: You may need to pry open a door, move debris or break a lock. This is useful in escape, rescue and even self-defense


Wire cutters: While you probably are not going to carry a pair of heavy bolt cutters around, you should have something capable of cutting fence wire and barbed wire that you encounter.


Smoke bombs: Smoke can be used to distract potential attackers or to cover your movement across an open street. It can also be used to smoke out hidden trouble. Remember that most smoke bombs will set fire to buildings and furniture so use them with discretion. The larger smoke bombs made for paintball games work well.


Heavy gloves: Heave leather faced work-gloves will protect you from broken glass, jagged metal and nails. You cannot afford hand injuries and possible infections under these conditions


Urban Survival Tools - Commando Rope

Commando Rope

Rope: Rope can be used to climb or descend walls and obstacles. You may need it to pull open doors or drag away obstructions. Consider making up a “commando rope” like the ones used by the British in World War Two. They use a 6-foot long heavy rope with a large loop tied on one end and a wooden handle on the other. These could be linked together to make a ladder or used in many other ways.

Please Visit http://americanpreppersnetwork.com for this and a lot more prepper related information


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Listing ID: 30628


Lovely colonial style home offers relaxation at the end of the day-on the front porch or rear deck overlooking beautiful mountain views. The home is 2,716 sq ft situated nicely on 31 surveyed acres. Fantastic kitchen for the chef,lovely stone fireplace anchors the living room.

31 (+/-) Acres $399,900 USD

2426 Danville Hill Rd Cabot, VT Washington County, USA

Contact Information: Name: Beth Harrington Broker Company Name: Harrington Realty
Phone: 802-563-6000       WEB: Harrington Realty    Email Contact: Click Here!


Listing ID: 30410


2.5 miles to Starvation Reservoir, in the middle of great Deer and Elk country. Easy access to this 2 Bdr/ 2 Bth manufactured home on 7.04 Acres. The home is approx. 980 sq/ft and was built in 2010. This property and area is a sportsmans dream!

7.04 (+/-) Acres 125,000 USD

Duchesne, UT
Duchesne County, USA
Map this property

Contact Information:
Name: Gary Gaudette Agent/ Broker
Company Name: West USA Realty Specialists
Phone: 435-219-9840
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Mobile Home on 10 Acres Utah Duchesne County

Listing ID: 30611


This is the best deal in the state. New carpet and paint throughout. The Bank will finance to qualified buyers and they will provide a $1700.00 credit on new kitchen appliances – range, dishwasher and refrigerator, or will finance any upgrades above that. Zoned Single-Family, Agricultural.

10 (+/-) Acres for $86,900 USD

18634 W 1000 S
Duchesne, UT
Duchesne County, USA

Name: Gary Gaudette Agent
Company Name: West USA Realty Specialists
Phone: 435-219-9840 cell
Other: 435-781-4872 ofc
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Prepper Log Home For Sale California Solar & 10 Acres

Listing ID: 30073


The perfect place to live in the country, this Lincoln Log custom home was built on the hill with wonderful views and a great wrap around deck. Very private location – no close neighbors. It features an above ground solar heated swimming pool, hot tub, koi pond water feature with waterfall

10 (+/-) Acres

$ 499,000 USD

231 Bar W Ranch Rd
Carlotta, CA
Humboldt County, USA
Map this property

Contact Information:
Name: Susan Rogers Realtor Associate
Company Name: Humboldt Trinity Real Estate
Phone: 707-777-3613
Other: 707-599-7976
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2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

The news offers two more examples of how trained civilians with firearms could have prevented bad things from happening. In Woolwich, London yesterday two insane individuals ran over a man and crushed him between their car and a sign. After that they jumped out of the car and started hacking and chopping him with meat cleavers and knives. This resulted in death and near decapitation for the wounded soldier.

I am struck by the thought that this could have been prevented if someone had been able to engage these two wackos before they were able to finish the job they started. It is also incredibly fortunate that these two psychopaths did not injure anyone else because the police did not appear for 20 minutes. Instead of doing anything about it a crowd of people gathered to watch these killers rant about Allah and record video on their cell phones. Pathetic.

The two were stopped when finally a police officer with a firearm appeared on the scene. The two men had an old “rusty” firearm of their own which they did shoot at the police officer which malfunctioned and blew the thumb off one of their hands.


Image courtesy of Daily Mail

What would you have done had this unfolded in the US where we can still carry firearms? Even though the potential of us loosing that right guaranteed by our Second Amendment is under threat everyday, good guys can and do prevent crimes like this all of the time. Had there been someone near these two men when the crime initially occurred that would have been able and willing to step up to the moment, this soldier may still be alive right now. Obviously, the wouldn’t have stopped a car, but the ensuing carnage that happened next may have been prevented.

The second reason comes from somewhere closer to home, but never the less still in an area where firearms are not allowed freely for the average citizen. In Queens, New York last month a man was apparently kidnapped right off the street by three men who pretended to be police officers. They flashed a badge and threw him into a van and drove him to a warehouse where they kept him for over a month. During this month, he was burned with acid, beaten, threatened with mutilation and death. For this month he was bound at the hands and masked.

This one is more complicated because the assailants were acting like police officers so your average person on the street would be less likely to step into that situation; however it is telling that we as society have become so accustomed to police driving up and throwing someone into the back of a car and speeding away, that nobody cares.

In an earlier post I established my belief that law abiding citizens have a duty to carry concealed weapons if they have any desire to stop bad things like this from happening. If more good people carried guns I believe incidents like this would decline. Statistics from the FBI show that violent crime rates have dropped for at least 5 years which runs counter to the argument that more guns equals more murders. The sales of firearm purchases have exploded in recent years so there may be some link that may be drawn between these two facts. The more people it seems to me that have guns, the less violent crime we see.

I do feel sorry for the families of these two tragedies and we hope for their peace and healing in the case of the soldier in London. We should use these two examples as yet another illustration where

  1. The police can’t protect you from bad things.
  2. Taking guns away from people doesn’t prevent murder.
  3. There are still plenty of evil people in the world.
  4. There is something that we can all do about it.


The police took twenty minutes to get to the scene with firearms to stop these two men. How horrific would it have needed to get for the crowd to attack them and bring them down? What if they had gone into a school heaven forbid?

These two didn’t have assault weapons or pressure cookers, yet they were able to kill a man and hold a crowd of sheep at bay for twenty minutes.

If you have been considering carrying a concealed weapon or even purchasing your own firearm for the first time here is my advice. First, consider if this is a responsibility that you will accept. Taking another’s life is not something that can be erased. You should weigh these options with a significant gravity. Carrying a gun isn’t like Jack Bauer on 24 and if you have to use it, you could die in the process or accidentally kill an innocent. If you believe you need a weapon for self-protection and are willing to use it then I would suggest you get trained, become very proficient with your firearm choice and carry concealed. You could be the person standing between a killer and an innocent life.

If you are already a concealed carry permit holder I hope this reinforces your resolve and determination to not only carry every where you can legally but mentally prepares you for a situation like this. I personally hope I am never faced with a choice like this but I do believe that if I were, I would do what I could to save a life. I hope if I were on the receiving end of an attack like this, one of you would too.

The author of this article is known as P. Henry. Please visit www.theprepperjounal.com for very informative prepper articles.

Mother’s Day Guide: How to Choose the Best Gift for Her

Mother's Day Guide: How to Choose the Best Gift for Her

Mother’s Day Guide: How to Choose the Best Gift for Her (438)

(NewsUSA) – Last year, flowers and jewelry topped the list of popular Mother’s Day gifts — naturally. Many women enjoy the warmth that fresh flowers add to a room, almost as much as supplementing a never-ending jewelry collection.

But if you honored Mom with tried-and-true gifts last May, show your appreciation by exercising a few creative muscles this year. Do something different — seize the opportunity to show unflinching love and gratitude.

Need a little help? The gift experts at RedEnvelope (www.redenvelope.com) — a trusted source of ideas and inspiration for any occasion — compiled suggestions about how to find the best present for the moms in your life.

For the traditional mom: Traditional moms rarely stop working for their families yet never ask much in return. Whether she relishes a new book, long baths or champagne brunches, she deserves it all. Give her a reason to schedule some “me time” with a home spa treatment, like a Lavender Relaxation Spa Set and a new spring robe. Or if she likes to share with friends, indulge in a Champagne Treats Basket from Shari’s Berries (www.berries.com).

For the contemporary mom: Whether it’s your sister, daughter wife or mother, the contemporary mom maintains a stylish home and makes strollers look fashionable. While her glamour may appear effortless, reminders don’t hurt. Brighten up her office or desk with a Mother and Child Orchid Garden (www.proflowers.com). If you’re brave, consider a pair of Enamel Stud Earrings, only offered at RedEnvelope. The big, bold enamel earrings have a versatile feel that can be both retro and mod.

For the gourmet mom: The gourmet mom tends to throw the best dinners, perhaps a result of restaurant experience or just a deep-rooted love of good cooking. Either way, her taste buds deserve some treats she didn’t make. If she has a sweet tooth, Shari’s Berries delivers handmade Mother’s Day chocolatey-covered strawberries and Cake Pops. For the potluck regulars, customize a glazed Stoneware Casserole dish with a nickname or favorite phrase at Personal Creations (www.personalcreations.com).

For the entertaining mom: If it’s possible to have a monopoly on holiday parties, leave it to the entertainers. Entertaining moms are the first to send out a Google group invite to Sunday “Fun-day” at their house. Even though we can’t attend every single one, they are admittedly some of the best parties. Surprise her with a lavish token of love, like a box of gourmet dipped berries one day, followed by two dozen rainbow roses the next. New Personal Creations picture frames allow for collage cut-outs reading anything from “I Love Mom” to “Family.”


Video: Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States

Video: Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States

Source: pakalertpress.com

Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I’m about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else.

3 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

3 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

3 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill (307)

(NewsUSA) – During hotter days, the wonderful coolness of our air-conditioned homes is comforting until the whopping energy bill arrives. The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers the following easy ways to use less energy and save money.

Replace bulbs with CFLs

Switch out incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent versions.

“A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) can provide the same amount of light as an incandescent by using only one-quarter of the electricity,” explains Joe Rey-Barreau, education consultant for the ALA and an associate professor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Interior Design.

“One of the great myths regarding lighting today is that the federal government is ‘banning’ incandescent lighting,” Rey-Barreau says. “This is false. Incandescent lighting is not being banned. The new legislation is only affecting the standard 100-watt incandescent bulb, which will no longer be sold beginning in 2012. However, an incandescent bulb that uses only 72 watts will replace it. This new bulb uses halogen incandescent technology to produce a more efficient incandescent bulb.”

Install ceiling fans

Install a ceiling fan in frequently occupied rooms. Ceiling fans use a fraction of the electricity of an AC unit. Therefore, the thermostat can be raised six degrees — say, to 78 degrees — and make a room feel as comfortable as if the ambient temperature were really 72 degrees.

Utilize lighting controls

Lighting controls are an excellent option for saving energy. It is not necessary to invest in a comprehensive control system where the entire house is rewired. There are simple and less-expensive methods for controlling light to save energy, such as motion sensors, photocells that operate according to light levels, timers and dimmers.

Thanks to breaking technology, lighting has become more efficient than ever before. Visit an ALA-member lighting showroom to receive professional tips on energy-saving. To find a local ALA-member showroom, go to www.americanlightingassoc.com.

Turning Mountains of Plastic Into Gallons of Fuel

Turning Mountains of Plastic Into Gallons of Fuel (287)

(NewsUSA) – Thanks to one resourceful company and an exemplary demonstration of green technology, one man’s trash can be another man’s fuel — literally.

“We put plastic in one end, and liquid fuel comes out the other,” explains John Bordynuik, founder and chief of technology behind Plastic2Oil, a division of JBI, Inc. that turns unsorted, unwashed waste plastic into ultra-clean fuels that don’t need refinement.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the U.S. generates 31 million tons of waste plastic every year, and 92 percent of that is dumped in landfills or incinerated — neither of which is eco-friendly. That, coupled with America’s continued dependence on foreign oil, makes Plastic2Oil (P2O) look downright magical.

Maybe it is.

JBI started developing their unique P2O process in 2009. After a series of tests, analysts determined the procedure to be repeatable in 2010, and the primary plant was established in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Now, an average of 86 percent of the plastic going into the processors is turned into fuel. To date, JBI has converted over 2 million pounds of plastic into ultra-low-sulfur fuel, including No. 2 Diesel, No. 6 Fuel and Naphtha, which is used in petroleum engineering. None of these fuels needed to be refined further. Given the national push to be more environmentally aware, companies are taking truckloads of waste plastics to JBI. Thus, in one move, participating companies can save money on otherwise expensive waste disposal and reduce the mountains of plastic in landfills.

Not to mention, companies that supply raw waste materials help produce a scope of refined fuel products.

If your company is currently sending a significant amount of waste plastic to landfills, please contact JBI at wasteplastic@jbi.net.

For more information, please visit www.plastic2oil.com.

What to Do When You’re Sick, But Not Sick Enough

What to Do When You're Sick, But Not Sick Enough

What to Do When You’re Sick, But Not Sick Enough (467)

(NewsUSA) – Doctors agree that cold and flu symptoms are nothing to sneeze at and that the sooner they’re treated, the better chance there is for a quick recovery and minimum disruption of lifestyle. Yet, people hesitate to take medication at the crucial early stage for lots of reasons.

First, it can be difficult to tell where early symptoms will lead. Some people try orange juice or a nap, adding different treatments, step by step, as time passes, if symptoms grow worse.

“I see it all the time,” says Chris Gilbert, M.D., author of “Dr. Chris’s A, B, C’s of Health.” “Patients take great proactive steps like washing their hands frequently and taking a multivitamin. They don’t know what to do, though, when they start to get sick. They wait until their condition gets so bad that they can’t sleep at night or function during the day, so they have nothing to lose by taking something that will put them in a fog.”

Drivers, equipment operators, pilots and night workers can’t take antihistamines or decongestants that can cause drowsiness.

Others just don’t like to take medication or don’t like to admit they’re vulnerable.

The problem is that when cold and flu sufferers get to the point of taking a medication that will suppress symptoms until the body heals on its own, the action of suppressing symptoms is counterproductive to what the body is doing to help itself.

However, there are over-the-counter medicines that help nip symptoms in the bud. Homeopathic medicines work with the body to help it rebalance and heal itself instead of simply masking symptoms. Clinical studies show that top seller Oscillococcinum helps reduce both the severity and duration of flu-like symptoms. In fact, when patients took it within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, nearly 63 percent showed “clear improvement” or “complete resolution” within 48 hours, according to a study published in a British scientific journal. These results confirm results from previous studies.

“Patients have told me that they feel much better the next morning, even when they thought they would be bedridden the evening before. It’s the step to take after proactively trying to prevent illness with vitamins but before it gets to the point where you think you need to mask symptoms with heavy-duty medication,” says Dr. Gilbert. “For years I’ve been telling my patients to keep Oscillo on hand.”

This family treatment for 2- to 102-year-olds has a 65-year safety record, no side effects such as drowsiness, and no interactions with other medications or supplements. When you’re feeling run down and have a headache, body aches, chills and fever, you will be glad that these sweet-tasting pellets dissolve quickly under your tongue without water.

For a coupon or to find the nearest store that carries the product, visit www.oscillo.com/newsusa/.


Whom Does NASA Call to Recover Lost Data?

Whom Does NASA Call to Recover Lost Data?

Whom Does NASA Call to Recover Lost Data? (345)

(NewsUSA) – In the past, research institutions and government agencies stored data on tapes and hard drives — often without backing up the information. Today, when employees discover damage to these tapes and hard drives, they don’t assume that the data are lost forever — they simply call data-recovery expert John Bordynuik.

Take the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). From the ’60s to the ’90s, MIT recorded its intellectual property onto seven- and nine-track reel-to-reel tapes. When MIT realized that they could no longer read any of these tapes — and that the data on the tapes couldn’t be found anywhere else — they tried to recover the data. They failed. It wasn’t until 2004, when MIT contacted Bordynuik, that the institution was able to recover the priceless data it had stored on 30,000 pounds of tapes.

Bordynuik — who has an IQ higher than Einstein’s -; developed his own ovens to bake the tapes, ridding them of any stickiness. After that, he could read them without mangling them and transfer their contents to modern media. In addition to recovering data for MIT, Bordynuik has read tapes for Harvard University, the United Nations and the United States Army.

NASA contracted Bordynuik to recover “unreadable” earth science sensor data that had been recorded on reel-to-reel tapes from 1960 to 2000. NASA was so pleased with Bordynuik’s work that, in 2008, NASA sole-sourced his company, JBI Inc., which trades on the OTC under the stock symbol JBII. That means that NASA will award all of its future data-recovery work to JBI.

Bordynuik’s interested in other industries as well. His company is moving forward to commence operations on a process, Plastic2Oil, that converts waste plastic into a fuel similar to diesel. Pak-It, a JBI subsidiary, also produced a line of environmentally friendly home cleaning products that come in dissolvable packets. If Bordynuik’s work in data-recovery is any indication, we can trust in the success of his other projects.

JBI is currently applying for AMEX (American Stock Exchange). For additional information, visit www.plastic2oil.com, www.jbiglobal.com or www.johnbordynuik.com.

Find Your Way off the Beaten Path

Find Your Way off the Beaten Path

Find Your Way off the Beaten Path (320)

(NewsUSA) – Hiking can provide hours of entertainment, healthy exercise and a chance to enjoy natural vistas — but trail blazing isn’t without hazards. Wildlife, unsafe drinking water, accidents and unexpected obstacles can all create emergencies.

But with some common sense and preparation, hikers and their families can safely enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next hike:

– Plan ahead. Choose a trail appropriate for your fitness level, and make sure that someone knows when you are leaving and when you plan to return. Don’t hike alone. Check the weather before heading out.

– Dress appropriately. Wear boots with ankle support. If you’re hiking in an area with different elevations, wear layers so that you can remove and add clothing as temperatures change. Don’t wear cotton — it takes too long to dry and can give you a chill. Pack waterproof, wind-resistant gear even if it’s sunny.

– Make sure you won’t get lost. GPS devices have become a safety mainstay for hikers -; having one on-hand greatly reduces the chances of getting lost. The Magellan Triton 2000, which was designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, offers a wide range of useful features, including a touch screen, National Geographic’s award-winning TOPO! maps, a compass, a barometer, a 2-megapixel camera, an embedded speaker and microphone, and a flashlight. The device is rugged and waterproof.

– Pack food and water correctly. Plan on carrying two quarts of water per person per day. Never assume that water is safe. If you plan to refill your water bottles on the trail, bring water-purification tablets. Pack foods that do not require refrigeration, like trail mix, crackers, peanut butter, and canned goods. If you’re planning on staying out overnight, go to a camping supply store for foods designed for backpacking. You might also want to buy mesh food bags, which will help keep small animals out of your supplies.

For more information, visit www.magellangps.com.

‘Coal’ the Series Reveals Grit of West Virginia Miners

‘Coal’ the Series Reveals Grit of West Virginia Miners (364)

(NewsUSA) – Who would have thought that shining a light on some of America’s dirtiest, most rough-and-tumble blue-collar jobs would make for wildly popular television? Yet, here come documentary-meets-reality TV shows like “Ice Road Truckers,” “Axe Men,” “Deadliest Catch,” and now — Spike’s latest project, “Coal.”

The recent addition reveals the grit and dedication of the toughest of the tough, West Virginia miners in the Westchester Cobalt Coal mine.

Actually, “tough” might not be a strong enough word. The tagline for Spike’s new show is “danger runs deep,” and the pilot episode showed us just how deep. Some workers narrowly missed being crushed under a half-ton slab of slate, and another miner left in an ambulance.

“It’s a tough business, and you’ve got to have tough men,” said Mike Crowder, chief executive of Cobalt Coal Corp.

Crowder and the Cobalt mining crews had no idea their mine would wind up being the ideal setting to “memorialize and make heroes out of blue-collar workers,” according to the show’s executive producer, Thom Beers.

“It’s not a faceless big corporation,” Beers says about Cobalt’s Westchester mine, “all they’re trying to do is bring that coal out and survive another day and get paid and put food on the tables for families.”

Although the mine only employs 40 people, Cobalt has an expansion project in the works that will give them access to new coal reserves. To help foot the bill and increase investor appeal in the publicly traded company, Cobalt chose to offer a revenue-based TIGRcub security via Entrex: a Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Companies (www.entrex.net).

Entrex CEO Stephen H. Watkins says, “Entrex was formed to support entrepreneurial companies who are looking for, and deserve, capital for their businesses.

The global public capital markets struggle to support thinly traded companies resulting in unfavorable valuations and difficult liquidity options for investors. TIGRcub Securities provide a monthly cash-flowing risk-adjusted return for investors eliminating a lot of the downfalls of equity-based investing.”

“We believe the TIGRcub offered by Cobalt supports its growth plans while providing competitive returns to investors,” he says.

Learn more about “Coal” the series at www.cobaltcoalcorp.com.