Rubin: Trump Rhetoric ‘Giving People All the Impetus They Might Need to Commit Violence’

Monday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin said President Donald Trump’s rhetoric was “giving people all the impetus they might need to commit violence.” The discussion was about Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson being charged with attempting to carry out a domestic terror attack. Rubin said, “Just as the bomber that you referenced in Florida, it was pretty chilling. And that’s not to say that president causes crazy people to be crazy. It’s to say that his words have impact and they have particular impact on people who are mentally unbalanced or who have an inclination to violence. There is also a problem here that Trump personally has lied over and over again trying to convince us that Muslims from outside the United States are the greatest threat to Americans, and in fact, it is domestic terrorism. He has lied about this. He has lied about it to Congress. And it’s about time I think we had oversight hearings from Jerry Nadler and others in the House to really explore why we haven’t taken this more seriously and whether we need more resources or direction from the White House on this.” She added, “When he bates his crowd, when he

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Billionaire Kochs Fight Trump’s Economic Nationalist Agenda Ahead of 2020 Election

The pro-mass-immigration Koch brothers’ network of billionaire, donor-class organizations is fighting President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda ahead of the 2020 election with amnesty and free trade absolutism efforts.

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Origin sees renewables doubling in three years, eyes multiple big battery options

Origin looking at new grid batteries, seeks to contract 500MW wind at low $50/MWh, and predicts Australia renewables capacity to double in next three years.

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Where Will Electrify America Drive “The Golden Spike?”

Nine months after their first station came online, we are starting to see the Electrify America network come together. As more stations come online, it’s looking like a three-way race to see which transcontinental route for EV rapid charging will open first. Just as with the original transcontinental railroads, today’s transcontinental EV routes will improve safety and save lives

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Job Creators Network Roasts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Times Square Billboard over Amazon Pullout

Democratic Rep. (D-NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the target of a new Job Creators Network billboard, which blasts the far-left socialist over Amazons decision to not move it’s new headquarters to New York City.

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Dem Rep. Cicilline: ‘We Don’t Have Socialist Candidates Running for President in the Democratic Party’

Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) pushed back Wednesday on “CNN Newsroom” on the idea that the Democratic Party is lurching toward socialism in the wake of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) entering the 2020 race for the Democratic nomination. Host Poppy Harlow asked Cicilline if he believes the Democratic Party is moving toward socialism, but the Rhode Island senator said all of the announced candidates are “capitalists,” adding there are no socialists running for president from the Democratic Party. “I think all of the announced Democratic candidates for president are capitalists,” Cicilline told Harlow. “We don’t have socialist candidates running for president in the Democratic Party.” He continued, “I don’t see any movement in the Democratic party towards socialism at all. I know the president is making that argument. I think it’s a silly one. I think he thinks it’s politically advantageous, but there’s just no evidence to support it.” Cicilline then noted Sanders is not a member of the Democratic Party. “I wouldn’t attribute too much significance to how he self-identifies,” he stated. (h/t WFB) Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

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Warren: Climate Change, Gun Violence, Student Loan Debt Constitute for National Emergency Declaration

Tuesday on CBS’s “The Late Late Show,” 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) listed some of the reasons she would declare a national emergency if elected. Host James Corden asked the senator what would constitute as a national emergency if she were in office, which Warren replied with  climate change, gun violence and student loan debt “right off the top.” “Oh, let’s do a list: climate change, gun violence, student loan debt — right off the top,” Warren told Corden. “That’s what we ought to be working on. And we ought to be working on it together. Congress, the president, as a country, those are things we should be working on.” (h/t NTK News) Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

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Syrian Migrant Accused of Gang Rape To Be Tried As Underage Despite Being 22-Years-Old

Syrian asylum seeker Majd H. is awaiting trial for leading the brutal gang rape of an 18-year-old German girl in Freiburg in 2018 and despite being 22 he is being tried as a juvenile in the case. The reason for the case taking place in juvenile court, rather than an adult court, is due to claims that the 22-year-old was under the age of 21 when the gang rape occurred. New reports also reveal that he is being charged with eight more crimes including the suspect rape of a 19-year-old in 2017 German tabloid BILD reports. Majd H. who came to Germany in 2014 from Syria and is believed to have links to Kurdish militia groups, is said to have been the leader of the gang rape of a German teen alongside eight other men aged between 19 and 30 outside of a local nightclub over a period of around four hours. The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office Martina Wilke has revealed that Majd H. is currently being charged with a total of eight different crimes including another gang rape in a Freiburg apartment in September 2017 along with two other men aged 22 and 23-years-old. Merkel’s Germany: Seven Syrians Arrested After 18-year-old Gang

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#RedForEd: West Virginia Teachers Strike over Charter School Bill Governor Vows to Veto

West Virginia teachers will continue to strike into Wednesday, although Republican Gov. Jim Justice has vowed since January he will not sign into law an education bill allowing charter schools and education savings accounts in the state.

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Breitbart’s Boyle to Speak on CPAC Media Panel

Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU) next week, the ACU announced on Wednesday afternoon. Boyle will be speaking on a panel at CPAC focused on the media’s role in America today.

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