President Obama To Do This Before Exiting the White House: His Most Draconian Move To Set Up A Hitler Style America….

By Lisa Haven “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln I believe Abraham Lincoln had it right. If the United States is ever… Read More ‘

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Survival Village Luxury Super Bunker Vacation & Shelter ID#:31791

Internationally Acclaimed Super Bunker Located off Grid and Totally Isolated. Nuclear Rated, Biologically Rated Facility with Theatre, Offices, Video Conferencing for Business, Conference Areas 3 Bedrooms 5 Star Accommodations. Right in the Heart of the Safest Area of the Country Colorado.

4277 Sq Feet Prepper Home for rent for 60 days. July 15th thru September 15th and other reservations will be accepted. Totally independent, Solar, Wind, Water, Ultra Violet Irradiation for Microbes in water and air, Theatre Room, Conference Rooms, Kitchen, As seen on National Geographic, Bloomberg, NBC located near Telluride Colorado.

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Luxury Survival Bunker Owner Member Limited Offering Bug Out Opportunity ID#:30681

Luxury Survival Bunker:

A preppers dream now available.

Solid Concrete and Steel Structure 4277 Square feet.
This magnificent one of a kind property is located in Yellow Jacket, Colorado, the beautiful 4 Corners area of SW Colorado, it is close to many popular tourist destinations.

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Land Auction 3/31/2016 122.81 Acres Pasture and Wildlife in Lyon County KS ID#:32528

Thursday March 31st Real Estate Auction. If you want timbered hunting land or grazing land, have both! Every time we’ve been on the property, we’ve seen deer. This tract is close to Americus and Emporia and has utilities and rural water within a half mile for improvements if desired.

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Elite Hold Secret Meeting To… They’re Extremely Nervous About What’s Ahead! Prophecy Explodes As Obama Plots to Divide Jerusalem

By Lisa Haven The elite are in a raging panic and nervous about what is happening here in America. So much so, that they are planning additionally secret meetings to discuss our fate and how they can prevent the American… Read More ‘

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The White Working Class is the Designated Scapegoat of the Ruling Elites

There is one thing you are not allowed to do in America today, and that is cater to the tribalism of the white working class. You must cater to black racism; you must cater to feminist cant. You must cater to gentry liberal tribal totems. But never the white working class….

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