Virginia Luxury Home 115 Acres of Land For Sale

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115 Acres Unique Property With a Beautiful Luxury Home Nestled in Bull Run Mountains The Plains Virginia Fauquier County

Surrounded by thousands of protected acres, this 115 acre property is mostly wooded but offers significant open space including fenced pasture, and a large, spring-fed pond. The pond, well over an acre in size, is teeming with Largemouth Bass. The surrounding woods are home to Whitetail deer, turkey, bear, bobcat, river otter and many other woodland animals.

115 (+/-) Acres

$ 2,750,000 USD

3665 Creels Ln
The Plains, VA
Fauquier County, USA
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Behavior Modification: The Science Media Companies Use to Alter Our Psychology

Behavior Modification: The Science Media Companies Use to Alter Our Psychology
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Whether we realize it or not, or wish to acknowledge it or not, the news media has a definite effect upon our personal psychology. It also affects our mood, and that in turn affects many other things, including how we feel about ourselves. It also affects our views and perspective of the world around us. None of us wants to believe that someone else has control over how we think, but nonetheless, we are affected, by design.

It’s obvious that there is a lot of good news out there; in fact, there’s at least as much good news as there is bad news. So why do the news media outlets selectively pump-out mostly bad news?

In order to answer that and other questions we need to first understand the fact that it is the wealthy elitists who own and literally control the majority of the news media outlets that prefer to bombard us with negative news 24 hours a day, every day of our lives for the past 20-30 years. Here’s an interesting article that discusses some of the effects of negative news

So why would these ultra wealthy elitists want to bombard Americans with negative news?

The ultra-wealthy elites, who actually pull all the political and corporate puppet strings, need all of us everyday average Americans to be doing our jobs. In fact, the growing of their wealth, and the security of that wealth depends heavily upon all of us ‘worker bees’ going to work and performing our jobs in a timely and regular manner. This allows commerce to flow, and that makes them money. However, being a ‘worker-bee’ doesn’t work so well for us; after we pay bills and taxes on top of taxes, we are lucky to have a two-week vacation and cable TV. Of course there is the illusion of potential advancement, but like the carrot in front of mule, we really never reach that illusive ‘big brass ring’ by being a ‘worker-bee’.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the elitists have paid lobbyists who essentially tell elected government officials (here and abroad) their desires, which are for the most part obeyed. As we are seeing lately, ‘We The People’ seem to have very little control over what ‘some’ of our own elected officials do, once they get into office.

Now imagine for a moment what would happen to these wealthy elitists if every American worker simultaneously went on strike for 24 hours. Just think about that for a minute… and the far-reaching and extensive effects of such an action… it would literally shut down America for 24 hours… and in the process, it would cost the elitists billions of dollars. The bottom-line is actually very simple, if you follow the money.

So, to help our understanding and grasp of this situation, let’s flip the tables for a minute, and let’s assume for the moment ‘we’ are the wealthy elitists, and we have their problem: How do we keep all the worker bees doing their jobs everyday? The solution is not as complicated as we might think; First, control all news media outlets by buying and owning them all. This is done across a group of wealthy elitists, all with the same general agenda, so the tactic is not as obvious to outsiders looking-in. Then start the music…..

Bombard people with news that; makes the grass less greener elsewhere.
Bombard people with news that, government will take care of all the people’s problems as long as they comply, by going along to get along
Bombard people with news that makes them complacent; ‘resistance is futile’, etc.
Bombard people with news about ‘trends’ which are carefully designed to subliminally instruct people in; what to expect in life, what to buy, how to ‘look’, how to act and talk, how to vote, etc. By making people into dedicated consumers, the elitists make more money.
Bombard the people with news that covers and protects the actions of government officials who are directly or indirectly working for elitists.
Control journalists…if they go rogue, take away the venue for their articles.
Offset the effect of the Internet by launching and sponsoring thousands of small web-based magazines and blogs that provide synergistic reporting to the mainstream news media outlets, thus diluting the effects of the few ‘independent’ web-based news sources, and when needed, buy them out too.
Bombard people with bad news enough, and eventually they feel hopeless and arrive at the point where they will settle for even a little good news in their lives; I.E. 3 meals a day, a cell phone and cable TV.

So without continuing down the full list of tactics, I think we all get the point… control all information for human consumption, and control humans. And when you own nearly all of the media outlets, that’s not as hard as it sounds.

Of course the internet has thrown a small monkey wrench into their works, but given the ‘peoples’ ubiquitous exposure to all of the other news media sources, the Internet is not the great equalizer the ‘people’ would hope for.

The totality of the negative news and our nearly total and continuous immersion in that news does its work.

I left the U.S. in 2008 on a sailboat and literally went into the wilderness of the Sea of Cortez for two years. There was no news, no radio, no TV, no cable, no mind control. It was after about two or three months after arriving in the Sea of Cortez that I realized that I ‘felt’ considerably different. I felt a freedom that I had never known, and my mind became exceptionally clear from that point forward. And my physiology changed as well; my blood pressure dropped and the quality of my sleep improved greatly. When I returned to the U.S. in 2011, it wasn’t long until it felt like someone put a heavy weight upon my neck. Unlike the dirt poor people who I knew on the Baja who were legitimately happy living in tiny hovels, the Americans who were now around me were by contrast generally not genuinely happy… people were all in a big rush, road rage was everywhere… etc. And as I began hearing the news day after day again, I could begin to literally sense a difference in my mood, and my perceptions. It was at that point that it became crystal clear… having been away from what can be legitimately called ‘brain washing’, I was suddenly in the unique position to clearly sense it by contrast; and it was obvious.

So is there any solution? Can we do anything to change this situation? The answer is yes!

Short of taking an extended vacation from all news media (it takes a month or two of zero exposure), which I think is best solution for re-setting your psychology and perspective; there are some methods to mitigate the effects of negative news.

The first step to avoiding any trap is to acknowledge that the trap exists. If after reading this, you are beginning to see the method to the madness (the elitists and their stream of bad news), then you are already making progress. By understanding the motives and the methods, now when you read or hear the news, you can interpret it using a new perspective. As an additional measure, you can significantly reduce the amount of your ‘news exposure’ as well as being more selective as to the source of any such news.

These solutions are hard to effect and require cognizant discipline on a regular basis.

This article is found at and was posted by William Simpson.

Last Shopping Trip Ever: What to Get if You Only Have One Chance Left

Last Shopping Trip Ever: What to Get if You Only Have One Chance Left
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The news on Wednesday mentioned closed door meetings with the President and the heads of the several agencies and organizations dealing with finances. It included members of the Federal Reserve (which is not a government agency) the FDIC, the CFTC and the SEC as well as the Federal Housing Agency.  This meeting has a lot of people spooked and you can read some reasons why on the SHTFPlan blog. Actually, by the time this post is published, we may know what they were talking about. Mostly, the very rational concern stems from the belief that something big is getting ready to happen and only the powers that be know what it is. They are obviously too scared to let us know. Could this have anything to do with the glitch on NASDAQ Thursday that halted trading?

News like this makes me start to mentally go over my preps and I start analyzing what I still haven’t done, or need to check on again. This happens almost every time there is a news story like this and it is with the full knowledge and belief that I am squared away at a level that I believe will keep my family fed and secure for a good bit of time. Could we last if everything descended into chaos tomorrow and there was wide-spread panic, looting, violence and wars? That, I don’t know. However, we have made a lot of preparations for our family so I don’t feel helpless if we are visited by a future doomsday scenario like that any time soon. I certainly don’t welcome it, but I don’t feel like we’ll be caught completely off guard either.  I mentioned in another post how from time to time, thinking about what I would do with some small amount of advanced warning causes me to reevaluate my preps. I do think that it is wise to constantly be aware of your surroundings (as well as what’s going on in the world) and to take advantage of circumstances if you can, to give your family a leg up.

One of the recurring comments from that post was that I didn’t offer solutions. I will admit that the title of the post could have easily been misunderstood and that is my fault. The post was titled “You have 36 hours to keep your family safe: what do you do?” and you could logically assume from that title that I was going to tell you what to do. That I would be giving you six steps you can take to prepare your family for survival or something along those lines. What I was doing, was telling you the question I had in my mind and how I thought about the various things any parent would think if faced with that situation. It wasn’t my intention to confuse people, but I understand people are looking for actions they can take so in this post I hope to give some ideas about what you can do if you only have a very small amount of time and you need to get some last minute items for your family.

I will take the same scenario but shorten the time a little and let’s say you have 12 hours advance knowledge of some event. Let’s say the stock market started tanking mid-day and the punditry and your own sixth sense was telling you that something serious was happening. By the close of business the market is down 30% and trading has been halted. Maybe the government declares a bank holiday, credit cards aren’t accepted and you only have the cash in your wallet or what you have hidden for a rainy day. You know you have to run to the store to get supplies before the rest of the world beats you to it and we will say that you have a limited budget of $200. What would you do? Where would you go and in what order would things need to be done?

Before I continue, I must say that this scenario, if it really was as dire as I am painting would be deadly for a lot of people. I don’t know that what you could grab from the store in 2 hours would keep you alive for years, but it could keep you alive for a week. Something as complex as financial Armageddon can’t be survived with a few cans of tuna fish and some pop tarts but you have to live to fight another day, right? It’s a start, but in a perfect world you would have begun your journey to being prepared a long time ago. We will assume this trip is just going to be adding to what you already have. You could just as easily apply most of the same concepts to a hurricane or flood. That said, let’s go!

This article was posted by P. Henry at go there to view the rest of this informative article as well as many other prepper related material.


Prepper Log Home For Sale California Solar & 10 Acres

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The perfect place to live in the country, this Lincoln Log custom home was built on the hill with wonderful views and a great wrap around deck. Very private location – no close neighbors. It features an above ground solar heated swimming pool, hot tub, koi pond water feature with waterfall

10 (+/-) Acres

$ 499,000 USD

231 Bar W Ranch Rd
Carlotta, CA
Humboldt County, USA
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Approximately 26.5 acres improved with a 1022 +/- sq. ft. primitive log home nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The rippling Caney Creek winds through part of the property.

26.5 (+/-) Acres

439 Caney Creek Rd
Pigeon Forge, TN
Sevier County, USA
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Name: Leslie G. Kennedy, Auctioneer
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How to Safely Clear Your Home When You Think There’s an Intruder

How to Safely Clear Your Home When You Think There’s an Intruder

Standing to the left of the door, with the gun close to his body, the author prepares to push open the door and quickly take a step back to his original position.

Standing to the left of the door, with the gun close to his body, the author prepares to push open the door and quickly take a step back to his original position.

My lazy beagle Toby was loudly barking as I’d never heard him before.

Usually I would have waited a minute or two to see if I heard any footsteps, strange noises, or a window breaking, but I didn’t have time to spare. My mother, who had cancer, was bedridden on the couch on the main floor of our house and I needed to get to her before a potential intruder did.

I cleared the house as quickly and safely as I could, and my mother was fine. I never found out what Toby was barking at that night, but I have no doubt he scared away a burglar.

Having my mother restricted to the main floor of the house made it necessary to leave my bedroom that night and make sure she was okay. However, if it’s 3:00 a.m. and you hear a window break or you know someone is trying to enter your house, the last thing you want to do is leave your bedroom to go and confront the person. In the ideal world you would get your family together into your designated safe room (such as your master bedroom) and wait there until the police arrive.

Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world. Perhaps you’re like I was and you have a family member living on the first floor or even in the basement. If this is the case you have no choice but to leave your bedroom; therefore it’s necessary for you to know how to safely clear your house.

If you’ve ever seen the police clear a house, you know they always go in with a minimum of two people. But you and I likely won’t have the choice to grab someone else at 3:00 a.m. to come help us, so here’s how you properly clear a house by yourself, even though it’s a dangerous situation you want to try to avoid at all costs.


The author slightly leans to the left as he’s clearing a corner, so an intruder will hopefully see the gun first before the rest of his body.

First off, if you hear a noise in the middle of the night and you need to clear your house, you had better be able to take one or two steps from your bed and have access to your gun, which should be “cocked and locked.” In other words, the gun should have a round in the chamber so all you have to do is pull the trigger to shoot. Right next to your gun should be your flashlight. I use a SureFire G2X Tactical light.

Many houses have enough ambient light for you to maneuver around without the need to have the flashlight on all of the time, so just use it for target identification purposes so you don’t accidentally shoot the wrong person. (Also, read Tom Givens’ excellent article Flashlight Techniques for Home Defense in the July 2011 issue of CCM.)

Once you’ve got your gun and light, it’s time to leave the bedroom. If you’ve got a traditional house, you’ll likely end up entering a hallway. Stay close to the wall on the one side of the hallway and avoid walking down the middle, so you minimize your outline and make yourself less of a target.

As you slowly move down the hallway you’ll probably come across a bedroom or bathroom door. What should you do? If you’ve got a family member living in the basement and time is important, and you’re pretty sure nobody made it upstairs, then just move on past the door. I know this isn’t tactically correct, but we’re talking about a real life scenario here. If you’ve got your daughter sleeping in the basement, then no parent is going to take the time to clear every upstairs bedroom when they hear an intruder on the first floor or proceeding down the basement stairs.

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

However, if you don’t have to rush downstairs, you’ll certainly want to check the room ahead. But before you attempt to open the door (or any door in your house for that matter) you need to pull the gun close to your body so the inside of your wrist is practically touching your rib cage. In other words, instead of having your arm fully extended, your elbow should be bent about 90 degrees. This position gives you more control over the firearm in case someone was to try and reach for it. Another reason you bring the gun in close is so that you don’t accidentally point the gun at your other hand while it’s opening the door.

Assuming the door you’ve approached is on your right, you’ll want to stand against the right side wall, with your gun close to your body, while reaching for the doorknob with your other hand. (Do not stand in the doorway. You should be reaching across while remaining against the wall.) If the door opens away from you then turn the doorknob and give the door a solid push and immediately take a step backward against the right side wall again. If the door opens towards you, pull the door swiftly towards you and again take a step backward.

Once you’ve opened the door it’s time to “slice the pie.” This is a method used to clear corners and doorway entrances where you clear each area in small slices. For instance, if you had just pushed your door open and stepped back you would be standing against the right side wall. Obviously, from this position you can’t see into the entire room and you certainly don’t want to take a step into the doorway and fully expose yourself.

So, you would begin to take small side-steps in a semi-circular motion. In other words, if you’re on the right side of the door, you’ll end up on the left side by going in a wide semi-circle around the doorway entrance. Each time you take a side-step, have your body slightly lean in the direction you’re headed so that if an intruder is in the room they will see the muzzle of your gun first and the rest of your body won’t be exposed.

Each time you take a step, give a brief pause so that you can scan as much of the room as possible and you can determine if that part of the room is clear. Once you end up on the left side of the door, you’ve done as much as you can to clear the room from the outside. Also, I realize slicing the pie may seem confusing, so please refer to the diagrams I created, which should make this process clearer.

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

If you approach a door from the right hand side, take small steps in a semi-circle, until you eventually end up on the left side. Once you’ve accomplished this and have scanned as much of the room as possible, it’s time to enter.

Don’t forget to have patience while clearing a corner. This is not a time to rush unless a family member is on a lower level and you must immediately reach them.

Now that it’s time to enter the room, you’ll want to quickly step through the doorway and move to the opposite corner. For instance, if you’re entering the doorway from the left side, move to the right corner and give a quick look over your shoulder to make sure nobody’s hiding in the left corner. Don’t forget to check all places an intruder could be hiding such as under a bed, in a closet, under a desk or under any other large object.

Once you’re satisfied the room is clear it’s time to continue moving through your house. The next obstacle you’ll run into is the stairs. But before you just stand at the top of the stairs and make yourself an easy target, you’ll want to slice the pie just as you did with the doorway so you can make sure nobody is waiting at the bottom of the stairs to attack you. Again, start on one side of the wall and take small steps in a semicircle so you can see a little bit more of the stairs each time.

Amanda Hanson demonstrates how the gun should be close to the body before attempting to open a door. This helps to prevent someone from grabbing the gun out of your hands. Notice, she also has her finger off the trigger.

Amanda Hanson demonstrates how the gun should be close to the body before attempting to open a door. This helps to prevent someone from grabbing the gun out of your hands. Notice, she also has her finger off the trigger.

Once you do a full scan of the stairs, make your way down, while at the same time scanning everything you can see. The stairs are a nightmare because you’ve likely got a room entrance at the bottom of the stairs to your left and then you’ve got a large hallway to your right with a number of openings too.

Since there is no way to see into the room on the left while going down the stairs, try and scan as much of the hallway to your right as possible. Once you get to the bottom, slice the pie for the room on your left while constantly glancing over your shoulder to see if anyone is approaching on your right. As you can see, it would be very easy to get ambushed while going down the stairs (which is just one of the many reasons police officers always go in teams of at least two while clearing a house).

You’ll clear the rest of your main floor just as you cleared your top floor when first leaving your bedroom. Every time you come to a corner or a door, you’ll want to slice the pie so you’ll hopefully see the bad guy before he sees you. If you have a basement, you’ll systematically clear it the same way too. Also, remember to have patience throughout this entire process. Each time you take a semi-circular step around a corner or doorway entrance, pause and scan the area from the floor to the ceiling.

Perhaps most importantly, since clearing a house is such a dangerous activity, you need

The author’s clearing tools of choice: Glock 19 9mm handgun and SureFire G2X Tactical light.

The author’s clearing tools of choice: Glock 19 9mm handgun and SureFire G2X Tactical light.

to practice it as often as you can. For example, last month I got back from a ten day vacation in Utah. I knew my house was secure and no alarms had gone off, however, when I got back to my house from the airport I didn’t just rush in and plop myself down on the couch.

Instead, I opened my front door and took a step back and sliced the pie. Next, I cleared my entire house to make sure it was empty. Not only is this good practice, but I had been gone for ten days, so there’s always a possibility someone could have been hiding in my house.

Another good activity is to practice clearing the house with your spouse or kids. Tell them to go hide somewhere and play a fun game of hide and seek. When you’re searching for them you’ll want to pay attention to see if they see you first or you see them first. Also, if you’re slicing the pie, have them point out the moment they see you or what body part they see first. This will help determine if you’re doing it correctly—the muzzle of the gun is the first thing they should see, not your legs. Obviously, if you do play this game, don’t go around with a real gun. Use your finger or use a plastic training gun instead.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough that clearing a house by yourself is the last thing you want to do. If you still don’t believe me, and you’re the macho type with a huge ego, then play the hide and seek game I mentioned above. After your spouse has surprised and “killed” you for the tenth time, you’ll fully realize that if possible, waiting in your safe room while the police clear the house is the much smarter option.

The author of this article is Jason R. Hanson who is a former CIA officer. Please visit The Prepper Journal at for this and other informative prepper articles.

Forget Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, Maybe we should be buying Riot Helmets and Protective Gear

Forget Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, Maybe we should be buying Riot Helmets and Protective Gear
If for some reason you have until now refused to believe that the Government has been planning for the potential of some form of armed confrontation with Americans; the events of just the last two weeks should have shattered that illusion. The hits just keep on coming with the IRS Scandal in which the Internal Revenue Service has targeted Patriot and Tea Party groups for harassment, The NSA scandal which only illustrated what has been whispered in terms of government intrusion into your personal communications and now, The Department of Homeland is purchasing Riot gear.What? Is that somewhat of a letdown in comparison to all of the other examples of a government itching to pick a fight? The billions of rounds of ammunition, the use of drones against US citizens, the indefinite detention orders, the thousands of MRAP vehicles, were something, but Riot Gear is boring you say.I disagree. I believe that there can be no doubt in the minds of sensible people that we are in for something very bad. At least that is how the government sees it and they ought to know, they are listening to all of our communications. The Department of Homeland Security’s mission statement is “…to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards.” Well, we apparently are “other hazards”. DHS sees a need to prepare for violent protests apparently by who else but US citizens. I say that because the DHS doesn’t have a role outside of the US. Their job is to protect the citizens of this country, in this country, not take up arms against them.

An article by Paul Joseph Watson illustrates the potential scenarios that DHS believes they need to be prepared for as they make plans to purchase hundreds of items of protective gear for their Federal Protective Service Officers.

What does the Federal Protective Service do you may ask? According to the DHS website, the FPS is:

The premier provider of security and law enforcement services at U.S. federal government facilities. FPS plays a leading role in the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure, with lead responsibility for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers and visitors in approximately 9,000 federal facilities nationwide.

So, if the FPS is the enforcement arm of DHS and their charge is protecting the nation’s federal facilities, “ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers” they must be planning for attacks on Federal Buildings. Riots to be more precise.

The article from Paul Joseph Watson goes into details on this latest request for equipment that can only be used against US citizens.

A June 10 solicitation posted on the FedBizOpps website seeks to outfit officers working for the DHS’ Federal Protective Service, which is primarily used to guard government buildings but has also been used to spy on protesters.

As we reported last month, FPS officers were used to guard an IRS building in St. Louis during a Tea Party protest against the federal agency’s discrimination targeting conservative groups.

As GSN reports, the items the DHS is looking to acquire include the following;

– 111 Centurion CPX2500 Soft Shell Riot Control System upper body and shoulder protection, which must “effectively protect the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma.”

– 123 Centurion TPX200 thigh/groin protection systems “designed for blunt trauma protection during riot control situations,” said the solicitation. The gear “protects the thigh area and has an adjustable and removable groin protector.”

– 110 Hatch TS70 Centurion hard shell shin guards, which must provide “substantial protection from flying debris. Non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg.”

– 189 MaxPro-Police riot helmets, which have a “high impact molded half shell helmet with integral visor and neck protector.”

The solicitation also includes a request for 116 pairs of tactical gloves and 128 forearm protectors. The contract includes four additional one year option periods. The equipment will be delivered to a Federal Protective Service facility in Alexandria, VA, within 45 days of the award.

The reference to “riot control situations” can be found in the “Statement of Work” file at the bottom of the solicitation.

In the sphere of prepping we try to imagine all potential scenarios that may jeopardize our families, or place them in harm. With that perspective we try to acquire skills, tools and knowledge that can mitigate the pain or danger from whatever the potential scenarios are. If the signs increasingly point to a government agency (DHS) who is preparing for conflict, what should you do? What if there is nowhere to Bug Out to? What if the disaster starts walking down your street? What if the national emergency is wearing riot gear and shooting at you with ammunition purchased with your tax dollars?

These are very strange and I fear perilous times we are living in. Make sure you adjust your priorities if needed in consideration of the knowledge of actual threats as well as potential natural disasters. It may be wise to prepare for other contingencies that you may have not considered until now. If the DHS is planning for widespread riots, what should you do? At the very least, keep up to date on the news and pray hard. We are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

Copyright Information: Copyright Unless otherwise indicated, this content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to The Author for this informative article is known as P. Henry

2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

The news offers two more examples of how trained civilians with firearms could have prevented bad things from happening. In Woolwich, London yesterday two insane individuals ran over a man and crushed him between their car and a sign. After that they jumped out of the car and started hacking and chopping him with meat cleavers and knives. This resulted in death and near decapitation for the wounded soldier.

I am struck by the thought that this could have been prevented if someone had been able to engage these two wackos before they were able to finish the job they started. It is also incredibly fortunate that these two psychopaths did not injure anyone else because the police did not appear for 20 minutes. Instead of doing anything about it a crowd of people gathered to watch these killers rant about Allah and record video on their cell phones. Pathetic.

The two were stopped when finally a police officer with a firearm appeared on the scene. The two men had an old “rusty” firearm of their own which they did shoot at the police officer which malfunctioned and blew the thumb off one of their hands.


Image courtesy of Daily Mail

What would you have done had this unfolded in the US where we can still carry firearms? Even though the potential of us loosing that right guaranteed by our Second Amendment is under threat everyday, good guys can and do prevent crimes like this all of the time. Had there been someone near these two men when the crime initially occurred that would have been able and willing to step up to the moment, this soldier may still be alive right now. Obviously, the wouldn’t have stopped a car, but the ensuing carnage that happened next may have been prevented.

The second reason comes from somewhere closer to home, but never the less still in an area where firearms are not allowed freely for the average citizen. In Queens, New York last month a man was apparently kidnapped right off the street by three men who pretended to be police officers. They flashed a badge and threw him into a van and drove him to a warehouse where they kept him for over a month. During this month, he was burned with acid, beaten, threatened with mutilation and death. For this month he was bound at the hands and masked.

This one is more complicated because the assailants were acting like police officers so your average person on the street would be less likely to step into that situation; however it is telling that we as society have become so accustomed to police driving up and throwing someone into the back of a car and speeding away, that nobody cares.

In an earlier post I established my belief that law abiding citizens have a duty to carry concealed weapons if they have any desire to stop bad things like this from happening. If more good people carried guns I believe incidents like this would decline. Statistics from the FBI show that violent crime rates have dropped for at least 5 years which runs counter to the argument that more guns equals more murders. The sales of firearm purchases have exploded in recent years so there may be some link that may be drawn between these two facts. The more people it seems to me that have guns, the less violent crime we see.

I do feel sorry for the families of these two tragedies and we hope for their peace and healing in the case of the soldier in London. We should use these two examples as yet another illustration where

  1. The police can’t protect you from bad things.
  2. Taking guns away from people doesn’t prevent murder.
  3. There are still plenty of evil people in the world.
  4. There is something that we can all do about it.


The police took twenty minutes to get to the scene with firearms to stop these two men. How horrific would it have needed to get for the crowd to attack them and bring them down? What if they had gone into a school heaven forbid?

These two didn’t have assault weapons or pressure cookers, yet they were able to kill a man and hold a crowd of sheep at bay for twenty minutes.

If you have been considering carrying a concealed weapon or even purchasing your own firearm for the first time here is my advice. First, consider if this is a responsibility that you will accept. Taking another’s life is not something that can be erased. You should weigh these options with a significant gravity. Carrying a gun isn’t like Jack Bauer on 24 and if you have to use it, you could die in the process or accidentally kill an innocent. If you believe you need a weapon for self-protection and are willing to use it then I would suggest you get trained, become very proficient with your firearm choice and carry concealed. You could be the person standing between a killer and an innocent life.

If you are already a concealed carry permit holder I hope this reinforces your resolve and determination to not only carry every where you can legally but mentally prepares you for a situation like this. I personally hope I am never faced with a choice like this but I do believe that if I were, I would do what I could to save a life. I hope if I were on the receiving end of an attack like this, one of you would too.

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What is the difference between a Survivalist and a Prepper?

What is the difference between a Survivalist and a Prepper?

What is the difference between a Survivalist and a Prepper?


No, this isn’t a trick question and I do think there are very big differences between someone who calls themselves a survivalist and someone who prefers to use the term Prepper. Regardless of what I think though these two terms are interchangeably used to describe a wide swath of people. These people all have different motivations and philosophies on what they are doing and why. Survivalists and Prepper are just labels. Labels like this though can pigeon-hole people into thinking they need to act a certain way or it can cause assumptions from others based upon their own perceptions of what these words mean.

How are Survivalists and Preppers alike?

Let’s start with the easy stuff first. What do people who call themselves Survivalists have in common with a Prepper? I think at their core, Survivalists and Preppers both have a deep desire to live. This is not a fear of dying but rather a strong yearning to live life on their own terms. You will find tenacity in both Preppers and Survivalists to try to see the options they have before them. If you give up easily or become defeated too quickly you probably don’t deserve to call yourself a member of either team just yet.

Both Survivalists and Preppers like to prepare for unforeseen events, but I do believe Survivalists have a slightly more cavalier attitude about their chances for survival. Survivalists may give more weight to learning how to forage in the woods and eat grubs while their Prepper cousins might be more comfortable storing food to last as long as possible or creating a garden with heirloom seeds. The grub worms and fiddle-head fern salads can wait as long as possible, thank you.

Along with the desire to live I think Preppers and Survivalists both have a positive mental attitude towards overcoming obstacles when it comes to survival. They both hold a belief that with the right training, mental outlook and circumstances, no situation is ever more than they can bear. I have spoken to a lot of people who seem to want to shut down in the face of adversity or impending doom. Their response to my questions about prepping are usually something like “well we are all gonna die anyway, so what’s the point?” and this is 180 degrees from how I think we as humans should be.

What if the early settlers of our country just said, “I quit.”? They faced starvation, disease, death on a daily basis and still managed to carve a country out of the wilderness with zero government assistance, WIC vouchers, National Healthcare, MRE’s, GPS, Bug Out vehicles or smart phones. Do you think they had a desire to live and a positive mental attitude? We come from those same people who braved the elements, sailed across seas for months and landed in a foreign land with not much more than the clothes on their backs. They were the original Survivalists and Preppers and their blood runs through our veins.

How are they different?

As I said above, I think these terms get used interchangeably all of the time and in certain context the meaning may be blurred. For instance, there are a lot of websites that have Survival in the name that I look up to and respect greatly. They offer a ton of useful information on Survival, and I have linked to several of them on our resources page. I am not referring to the word Survival here because I think we all want to survive something.

When I speak of “Survivalists” with a capital S I am referring to people who will label themselves as such. I think Survivalists lean more toward the ideal that Bear Grylls and Les Stroud have promoted with their respective TV shows showing how they both can survive in the wilderness on all manner of strange tricks and skills that the normal person would never be in a place to use. I think some Survivalists see themselves as being deserted in a jungle somewhere with only a rusty coke can and a bandana to survive. Now, if this happens to you, would all of those Bear Grylls skills come in handy? Absolutely, but to base your entire understanding of the possibilities of what this life can throw at you on a couple of reality shows seems to miss the point to me.

To quote our current President, “Now, let me be clear” I love watching Bear Grylls and Les Stroud and other shows I can’t remember. Those shows do pass along knowledge that you can use and this applies just as much to the suburban prepper as it does to the Survivalist. I just prefer to take that knowledge and try to apply it to a different potential reality.

Preppers on the other hand do not seem to have most of the same scenarios in mind when they are preparing for an uncertain future. Preppers typically have one or more situations they view as inevitable and they make plans to mitigate the bad effects you could be faced with in that situation. For example, if a Prepper lived in Tornado alley, they would rightfully be concerned and their preps would almost certainly start with safety should a Tornado strike. They could go one past that and plan for survival after the tornado with food, water and shelter options that could help them and their neighbors in the days and weeks after any type of natural disaster like that.

Preppers also do not seem to make plans with only themselves involved. Preppers like to form groups and communities and try to get others involved, engaged and on-board when it is prudent to do so. I know there are survivalist groups as well, but they still seem to be more likely to want to be away from people before there is any actual need to.

Survivalists that I have run across definitely have a different way they present themselves when the subject of hypothetical grid-down scenarios are presented. I do get the sense that in some cases, they seem to have a “let them go to hell” mentality and I don’t think that is what Preppers would agree with on the surface. Now, I will freely admit that I haven’t met everyone, don’t know what is in anyone’s heart but mine and I could be very guilt of gross stereotyping here. If that is the case I apologize and I would love to hear your side in the comments below. I am not trying to pick a fight, just comparing and contrasting some people/themes based upon my observations.

Lastly, Preppers seem to be looking for a lifestyle change on top of their preparations. Eating more Organic food, living healthier lives, becoming more self-sufficient are common themes and this transcends any natural disaster. It shows a desire to have a better life and that is something I think we could all use.

Which one is best?

I don’t think it is as black and white as I have made it out to be in the paragraphs above. I certainly think that if the SHTF we would all be in for a huge reality check and there is no telling how we each might act. Who knows what type of situations we may be faced with and what will be necessary in order to live and keep our families safe. We might all end up being in the same boat, bashing each other over the head with the last broken oar. I hope not.

I like to identify with Preppers, but I do know that if faced with certain triggers, I might fall squarely into the Survivalist camp that I was painting with a broad brush a little earlier. I guess we are just two sides of the same coin, but we are both made of the same mettle. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all.

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Lakefront Alaska Wilderness Property For Sale

Lakefront Alaska Wilderness Property For Sale
Near Denali National Park
Lodge and Guest Cabins

Price Reduced

Private lakefront inholding property with Denali as a backdrop, completely SURROUNDED by public State Lands and closer to Mt. McKinley than the Park entrance or Headquarters. This five acres is the ONLY private property on the lake or in the area and is completely surrounded by State of Alaska recreation lands.

Your own private paradise in the Alaskan wilderness and all the country and wildlife that goes with it. Wildlife abounds in the area. Caribou, moose, grizzly bears, Dall Sheep, black bears, wolves, coyotes, fox, wolverine, ermine, otters, eagles, short-eared owls, ptarmigan, ducks, loons, Canadian geese, and swans have all been observed from the comfort of the lodge and the cabins. Wildflowers abound mid June through August. The many berries come ripe in July. The long days of summer bring awesome sunrises and the tranquility of the Midnight Sun as it slips behind Denali is a sight to behold.

This property has 10 structures including the main lodge/home, guest cabins, workshop,shower/washroom, dock house, greenhouse and storage, all set up to move into. Equipment from a 4X4 diesel tractor to snow machines and snowshoes, boat & canoe, generators, right down to the oak dining table and chairs, couches beds & bedding, and dishes included. It is set and ready to move in.

The property has excellent access by float plane or ski plane from Talkeetna at reasonable rates. Or, fly your own plane in! Winter access is possible by snowmobile with good conditions.

Currently operating as a lodge, this could be your own private retreat or you can take it over as a business. There are great opportunities year-round for wildlife viewing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, fishing, canoeing, photography, gold panning, cc-skiing, snowmobiling, dog mushing and more!

Setting Up a Simple Solar Panel Kit

Setting Up a Simple Solar Panel Kit

Setting Up a Simple Solar Panel Kit


Editors Note: This post is from Gaye Levy at the incredibly informative site Backdoor Survival. Gaye was nice enough to share this with me and our readers here. Backup power is one of the most fundamental preparedness items you should have at the near top of your list. This article demonstrates her and her husbands experience with one option that might work for your family.

When it comes to understanding electricity, my mind tends to blank out when it gets to the point where I have to determine volts, amps, amp-hours, voltage under load and other terms that are second nature to the electricity savvy.  Let me make it clear that this is not a girl thing or a guy thing.  It is simply that some of us are better at understanding how power and electricity works than others.

In all fairness, in my boating days I was quite familiar with the operation of our house batteries and the inverter.  Using this set-up, I had fresh coffee in the morning and power for my laptop.  Life was sweet.  Although that was almost ten years ago, the lessons learned were simple: don’t discharge the batteries more than 60% and don’t mess with a working electrical system unless you know what you are doing.

Given my own thick head when in comes to all things electrical, I have always considered the prospect of installing a small solar system in my home a bit daunting.  I should not have worried.

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Solar activity on the rise

Solar activity on the rise

Published 20/05/2013 | By admin

Faraway as it is, anyone could mistake the Sun for a smooth, uniform, boring ball of gas but the reality could not be more different. Earlier this week, in the space of two days, the Sun emitted four massive blasts of radiation with Tuesday’s solar flare being the strongest of the year so far.

The Sun’s activity changes in intensity periodically, with its main cycle taking an average of eleven years to complete. The present cycle, cycle 24, started in 2008 and is expected to peak later this year. This increase in solar activity leads to an increase in a number of a variety of solar phenomena, such as sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

Solar flares are extremely strong bursts of energy that occur when energy stored in the magnetic fields of the Sun’s atmosphere is suddenly released. A related phenomenon, coronal mass ejections are massive eruptions in the solar atmosphere that release millions of tonnes of solar material into space.

Flares can fall into one of five categories: A, B, C, M, or X, each category ten times stronger than the one before, with X-class flares being the strongest. Additionally, each category, except X-class, is further divided into nine subcategories, from 1 to 9. The most intense flare ever recorded went as high as X28. This week’s flares ranged in intensity from X1 to X3.2.

The biggest flare in recorded history to hit the Earth happened in 1859. On September 1, the astronomer Richard Carrington was studying sunspots when he observed two patches of white light, as bright as the Sun itself. On the following night the aurora, a phenomenon usually confined to the northernmost latitudes, could be seen as far south as the Caribbean and was so bright that newspapers could be read by its light. Telegraph systems all over the world failed and many operators suffered electric shocks. The electric currents induced in the telegraph wires by the aurora were so strong that some systems could still send and receive messages after their power supplies had been disconnected.