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Listing ID: 29046

20 View Acres for Sale in South Central Colorado

Nicely sheltered by surrounding hills, you will find 20+/- acres of rolling grassland in Big Horn Ranch with tremendous Sangre de Cristo Mountain views.

20 (+/-) Acres $63,400 USD

Choctaw Dr. Canon City, CO Fremont County, USA 81212

Contact Information:
Name: Elizabeth Watson
Company Name: Watson Land Company
Phone: 719-783-2803
Email Contact: Click Here!
WEB: WatsonLand.com

Urban Survival Tools

Urban Survival Tools

Urban Survival Tools - Pry bar

Pry bar for urban survival

Surviving in an urban or suburban environment requires some tools that are not required or are less critical in the rural regions or wilderness . There are a lot more blind corners, dark enclosed spaces, and solid obstacles in towns than in the open forests. We will not be discussing universal survival needs such as first aid kits, food, water, effective camouflage or other field kit items. I also will not cover weapons in detail. Obviously high capacity handguns, carbines and short-barreled shotguns are better suited to urban situations than long-barreled weapons. A good quality “survival knife” is essential in all environments. The following items are of special value when moving through a built-up area.

List of 9 Urban Survival Tools

Stainless-steel mirror: As you move through or around buildings you will need to peek around corners, over walls and through windows and doorways. A small stainless steel camping mirror on a short handle could truly save your life.


Variable intensity flashlight: The new “tactical” flashlights that can be set to give the minimum light when you don’t want to be noticed and a very bright light and/or strobe to blind potential attackers as you move at night or through darkened buildings is essential. These are expensive, costing from $50.00 to $200.00, but well worth the cost for all kinds of emergencies.


Axe/Hatchet: You will probably need to cut through locked buildings to avoid danger or find shelter. This will necessitate breaking windows, gates, fences and doors. You may also be forced to escape through a wall or locked door.


Pry bar: You may need to pry open a door, move debris or break a lock. This is useful in escape, rescue and even self-defense


Wire cutters: While you probably are not going to carry a pair of heavy bolt cutters around, you should have something capable of cutting fence wire and barbed wire that you encounter.


Smoke bombs: Smoke can be used to distract potential attackers or to cover your movement across an open street. It can also be used to smoke out hidden trouble. Remember that most smoke bombs will set fire to buildings and furniture so use them with discretion. The larger smoke bombs made for paintball games work well.


Heavy gloves: Heave leather faced work-gloves will protect you from broken glass, jagged metal and nails. You cannot afford hand injuries and possible infections under these conditions


Urban Survival Tools - Commando Rope

Commando Rope

Rope: Rope can be used to climb or descend walls and obstacles. You may need it to pull open doors or drag away obstructions. Consider making up a “commando rope” like the ones used by the British in World War Two. They use a 6-foot long heavy rope with a large loop tied on one end and a wooden handle on the other. These could be linked together to make a ladder or used in many other ways.

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Listing ID: 17355
Pasture Land and Planted Pine
50 Acre Homesites Available
SouthEast Georgia
50 acre lots for sale in Southeast Georgia. This property is convenient to Waycross, Brunswick, Jesup and an hour and 10 minutes North of Jacksonville. Beautiful horse land with planted pine. Ready for your site built or modular home. Total of three 50 acres tracts available that can be subdivided into as small as one acre tracts. 50 (+/-) Acres

$ 160,000 USD

Hortense, GA
Brantley, U.S.A.
Map this property

Contact Information: Name: Owners Phone: 912-256-2393 Email Contact: Click Here!


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Listing ID: 30390
Prepper’s Paradise Bon Homme County South Dakota 3 Bdrm / 3 ½ bath; 3 car garage; island kitchen; deck; attached 1 bdrm apartment; several lower level rooms; BYwater + cistern; many extras; 50+ acres farmland available; modern large storage building available. 2.5 (+/-) Acres $ 269,000 USD

258 Dayton Lane
Tabor, SD
Bon Homme County, USA
Map this property

Contact Information:
Name: Paul Delong
Phone: 605-660-2832
Email Contact: Click Here!
WEB: Property Website More Info

(Listing Updated: Mon Jul 22 2013)

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Listing ID: 15406
Fantastic combination… lake and volcano in one!
Lake Arenal: As soon as you see shimmering waters being sliced through by windsurfers, you´ll know you´re on the shores of Lake Arenal. 7 (+/-) Acres $381,000 USDLake Arenal Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Contact Information: Name: Alfredo Quiros  Phone: 011-506-283-75-96
Email Contact: Click Here!



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Listing ID: 30628


Lovely colonial style home offers relaxation at the end of the day-on the front porch or rear deck overlooking beautiful mountain views. The home is 2,716 sq ft situated nicely on 31 surveyed acres. Fantastic kitchen for the chef,lovely stone fireplace anchors the living room.

31 (+/-) Acres $399,900 USD

2426 Danville Hill Rd Cabot, VT Washington County, USA

Contact Information: Name: Beth Harrington Broker Company Name: Harrington Realty
Phone: 802-563-6000       WEB: Harrington Realty    Email Contact: Click Here!

Misplaced Hope: The Futility in Picking Sides Politically

ReidBoehnerWhisper 2

This may be a short post but the news yesterday of collusion between the Speaker of the House, John Boehner and Senator Harry Reid’s office on Congress’ ability to dodge some of the pleasantries offered to the rest of us from Obamacare prompted me to try and reach out to those who may still hold out hope of saving the world politically. If you seriously still believe that either party is fighting for your best interests, you are delusional. This isn’t surprising to me really; actually I am more surprised that they leaked this news, but it is a small nugget of proof to those naysayers who steadfastly maintain the purity of their party.

Source: Politico

During a five-month period stretching from February to July, Boehner and his aides sought along with Reid’s office to solve what had become a big headache for both of them [the fact Congress would lose their employer contribution for Healthcare]. They drafted and reviewed a possible legislative fix, as well as continued to push for an administrative one from the Office of Personnel Management.

Boehner aides insist there was never any intention to move legislation through the House to correct the problem. McConnell was also opposed to any legislation approach to the controversy, said spokesman Don Stewart.

Boehner and Reid, however, went so far as to ask to meet with President Barack Obama to lobby him personally for help — using a cover story in order to protect the secrecy of the discussions, according to these documents.

This isn’t an attack on Republicans or Democrats because I believe that false argument is the heart of our problem. Our nation’s political reality is that there is no two-party system. The fact is that all politicians, no matter what initial is behind their name, on both sides get money from the same special interests. All politicians have been associated with good and bad people and just like “Professional” Wrestling, there are no arguments when these two opponents get behind closed doors. The Republican party and the Democrat party are perceived as opposing groups who have different philosophies and values. They have been created to make us believe that each, on every issue caters to your values when the truth is they are all for sale to the highest bidder and the only allegiance they have is to power.

The sooner we as a nation realize what a sham our political theater is the better off we will be. There is no point sending money to either party in an effort to get your ideals promoted; to do so is to throw your money away. We will never be able to spend as much as the banks, investment firms and corporate conglomerates do when it comes to politics and this really has nothing to do with Campaign finance reform. If you are a politician and you have received millions from JP Morgan, do you think you will stand on the side of the “common man”? No, there is no true reality that can be derived from the two party system unless that reality is that this is all a charade, the politicians are actors on a stage and we are all being played for fools.

But you can’t sit there and do nothing because if you do they will ruin the world! Right. I used to think that too and it animated me to do things for myself. I used to think my vote counted, but when there is so much widespread election fraud, believing your vote counts is out the window too. But you have to protest and let your voice be heard! Sure, I also used to think we should just go to a representatives town hall meeting and let our opinions be heard by our elected officials until they stopped having them and stopped taking questions. Now they will simply vote in direct contradiction to our wishes.

So what am I saying?

Personally, I checked out of politics a pretty long time ago. At one point in my life I volunteered for a local Senate campaign and called people asking for their support on election day. I used to be a die-hard Republican and I would toe the Republican line on almost any issue. As I learned more and saw repeatedly how our faith was abused, I grew more skeptical. Eventually, I would hold my nose and vote for the nominee regardless of my distaste for the person’s character. I realized that that not only does that not achieve anything (even when your side wins) but it betrays who I am. Our two party system prevents me, in a lot of cases, from voting for the candidate I truly want to win. Debates are rigged to eliminate alternate views. If you only get to choose between two people that someone else wants to win, is there even any point?

There is a lot of energy in politics and political issues and for me it is wasted on the national level. It doesn’t matter who wins, rules are broken and even outright ignored or changed by the Supreme Court. Our nation is not a nation of laws anymore, it is a nation of lawyers who will fight and rip apart issues to construct new realities that were never envisioned by our framers. I might care more if I thought there was a chance to salvage anything, but I don’t. When 9 people get to overrule a country we don’t have a system that works anymore. I am not giving up on our country, but I am giving up on our politics because I think that we are so far down a path that nothing will change. Even if you replaced every single politician in government nothing would change. And that drastic of a political shift my friends isn’t going to happen at least not without disastrous causes or consequence.

What can I change?

I can change how I act and what I spend my energies on. I can worry about preparing for my family and making sure we have a plan regardless of what happens in Washington. I have found a new skepticism in all news so I rarely believe the first pass at major stories because the media too has a way of trying to shape your opinion to theirs. I won’t be watching or participating in elections to a great extent unless a candidate I believe in is running. I stopped voting straight ticket a long time ago and I am seriously considering changing my party affiliation to remove any connection to the Republican Party anymore. Is that just a meaningless gesture? Maybe, but it is honest to me which is more than I can say for almost anyone in Washington right now.

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harry reidjohn boehnerpolitical deceitpolitician liestwo party system
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Riot Control Tactics

Riot Control Tactics

The headlines are predicting doom on November 1st  when the USDA projects that the average monthly food stamp payment of approximately $272 per household will be cut by $36 dollars. Experts are saying to expect food riots as people all over the country suddenly learn that either they aren’t able to feed their family anymore or become angry with the news that this entitlement has been taken away from them. Is it really possible that people will riot over this news? I think it could happen, but usually when experts in the media are forecasting riots and pinning a date to it, this has the feel of a staged event. I guess we’ll know if certain community leaders start heading for the cameras.

Riots are certainly possible even over something as seemingly minor as this. We saw just recently what happened when a glitch in the EBT system caused a run on Wal-Mart in two towns in Louisiana. In a short time, the looters with an alibi I’ll call them, had cleaned out the food section of the store leaving nothing for anyone else to eat.

Please visit The Prepper Journal at http://www.theprepperjournal.com/2013/10/31/riot-control-tactics/ to view the rest of this article posted by P. Henry


Listing ID: 30410


2.5 miles to Starvation Reservoir, in the middle of great Deer and Elk country. Easy access to this 2 Bdr/ 2 Bth manufactured home on 7.04 Acres. The home is approx. 980 sq/ft and was built in 2010. This property and area is a sportsmans dream!

7.04 (+/-) Acres 125,000 USD

Duchesne, UT
Duchesne County, USA
Map this property

Contact Information:
Name: Gary Gaudette Agent/ Broker
Company Name: West USA Realty Specialists
Phone: 435-219-9840
Email Contact: Click Here!

Mobile Home on 10 Acres Utah Duchesne County

Listing ID: 30611


This is the best deal in the state. New carpet and paint throughout. The Bank will finance to qualified buyers and they will provide a $1700.00 credit on new kitchen appliances – range, dishwasher and refrigerator, or will finance any upgrades above that. Zoned Single-Family, Agricultural.

10 (+/-) Acres for $86,900 USD

18634 W 1000 S
Duchesne, UT
Duchesne County, USA

Name: Gary Gaudette Agent
Company Name: West USA Realty Specialists
Phone: 435-219-9840 cell
Other: 435-781-4872 ofc
Email Contact: Click Here!

Virginia Luxury Home 115 Acres of Land For Sale

Listing ID: 30569

115 Acres Unique Property With a Beautiful Luxury Home Nestled in Bull Run Mountains The Plains Virginia Fauquier County

Surrounded by thousands of protected acres, this 115 acre property is mostly wooded but offers significant open space including fenced pasture, and a large, spring-fed pond. The pond, well over an acre in size, is teeming with Largemouth Bass. The surrounding woods are home to Whitetail deer, turkey, bear, bobcat, river otter and many other woodland animals.

115 (+/-) Acres

$ 2,750,000 USD

3665 Creels Ln
The Plains, VA
Fauquier County, USA
Map this property

Contact Information:
Name: John Coles
Phone: 540-270-0094
Other: 540-687-7807

Properties For Refuge, Safety Privacy & Seclusion


THE EAGLESTAR FLASH #230 September 19, 2013



  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Refuge For Safety Privacy & Seclusion


“To some degree it matters who’s in office, but it matters more how much pressure they’re under from the public.”
~Noam Chomsky

“One of my favorite little sayings is, ‘To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”
‘ ~Robert M. Gates

“Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away.”
~Arthur Helps

“Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time.”
~Ross Perot

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

Refuge For Safety Privacy & Seclusion

Southern OR Ranch with 2 Homes, 205 Acres + 340 Acres BLM Grazing Lease ID#:28289

205 acre ranch plus adjacent 340 acres BLM grazing lease. Includes 2 nice homes, barn, shop, equipment building, horse pasture, ponds. This showplace offers privacy, views, water, meadows and woodlands. Nursery business also available with farm equipment, plant inventory, etc. Add $80,000 = total of…

The Village of Mount Zion For Sale ID#:30424

Village Estate – Pure privacy, unobstructed views, rolling pastures, walking trails, spring-fed ponds, 5 miles of interior roads, an abundance of amenities, 9 homes, 12 out buildings, church, and 6 home sites. This unique property will be offered in its entirety and as individual tracts, homes and h…

Southwest Florida Estate Home and Horse Farm ID#:20839

Newer Custom, Great views from this two-story,Colonial Home with every amenity, 3500 under air, Set up for Horses, two paddocks, 3-4 stall barn with hay loft, nice trails, beautiful property, creek, ponds, garden, gazebo and privacy.

3 Private Homes on 80 Acres Falcon, Missouri ID#:28703

Bordered by 1000+ acres of Nat’l Forest. Entire property is fenced and gated. Very private location. Each home is move-in ready with its own well and electric. 60×125 custom fabricated building with electric overhead doors and concrete flooring. River access and beautiful views.

80-acre Secluded Wyoming Ranch with Water / 2600sf home ID#:18379

Private, secluded 80-acre Wyoming ranch w/ water & mineral rights, paved access, phone, electricity, 2600sf home.

Central Minnesota 200 Acres Wildlife Hunting Tree Farm ID#:21103

Beautiful 4+ bdrm home on 200 acres with triple garage, heated shop, pole building. Many species of wildlife seen regularly on this mostly timbered 200 acre family getaway. Whitetail deer, bear, grouse, squirrels, turkeys, fox, coyotes, fisher, ducks, and geese have all been harvested or observed on…

Jamestown Kentucky Home w/57 Acres Land For Sale ID#:30059

Horse lovers dream – 57 Acres! This property features a 1 ½ story home with 2 or 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, living, family & dining rooms. House has a large utility room, & kitchen includes fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. The majority of the floors are hard wood & tile.

Duchesne County Utah Home 7.04 Acres Sportsmans Dream ID#:30410

2.5 miles to Starvation Reservoir, in the middle of great Deer and Elk country. Easy access to this 2 Bdr/ 2 Bth manufactured home on 7.04 Acres. The home is approx. 980 sq/ft and was built in 2010. This property and area is a sportsmans dream!

Ranch Home & Land Zuni Mountains Near El Morro Rock & Ramah Lake ID#:19975

A Steal at $289,000 Dramatic views of Timberlake Valley and Zuni Mountains. Awesome location for private mansion. New 3 bedroom home with artist’s loft.

New England Private Lake Preserve with Antique Farm House ID#:25260

With a 5 bedroom renovated farm house and over 220 acres wrapped around a completely private, undeveloped lake of nearly 50 acres in size, Robbins Pond is truly one of a kind. It is the only pond of this size that is undeveloped and can be solely owned in the entire Northeast quadrant of the United …

Early 20th century farm nearby Quebec, Eastern Canada ID#:16646

1905 renovated farm (new windows and doors, electricity and gas, stove with wood if wanted), 6 master pieces, 3 dependences, maple forest, little river crossing (fishing and swimming possible),”cabane à sucre”, possible breeding of cattle (sheep, beef, horse, rabbit, chicken…), possibility of re…

Mountain Retreat Adjoining National Forest in South Central Colorado ID#:29280

The Lodge at Willow Creek is a recreational retreat that makes your heart sing! It sits on 61 acres which borders the National Forest on the north side and is 2/10 mile from the Forest entrance in an aspen grove with Willow Creek meandering through.

140 + Acres Illinois w/ Large Home, Buildings, Hunting, Fishing, more ID#:20847

140 Acres with a 3 year old large custom built home as well as finished buildings, hunting, fishing, and more. All furniture and electronics included. Need to sell now.

South Central KY Horse Property with 2400 SF Home for Sale ID#:29406

Nice 36 acre tract, great outbuildings, beautiful home

18.5 Acre Harvard, Illinois Horse Farm, Barn & Arena ID#:28505

Charming horse ranch, perfect barn for all disciplines with a large bay for equipment, good pasture setup and a track for riding or driving, side area storage for trailers. This is a great horse property – Must see!

Morgan Co, Ohio Log Home On Scenic Acreage Available For Sale ID#:12756

This Custom 3 bedroom, 3 bath, Quality Built Log Home is located in the heavily forested, rolling hills of Southern Ohio on 31 private, scenic acres.

Davao Region Philippines Compound 4 Residences For Sale ID#:30097

Two Story House Plus 3 residential units: 1 unit 2 story House-(Fully Furnished) – 1 Unit Duplex (Stripped) – 1 Studio (Fully Furnished), The 2 story house has a high ceiling, marble & tiles flooring, 3 bedrooms upstairs, formal dining room, formal living room, 2 full baths upstairs & downst…

Adair County, Kentucky Amish Home on 22 Acres ID#:27844

This spacious Amish frame home offers a nice open kitchen / dining area loaded w/cabinets, big living room, 3 bedrooms w/2 more possible in the full basement and one bath. The home has wood heat but is wired for electric, county water and a well on the property that is not hooked up. There’s a large…

Missouri Cattle Horse Ranch Hunting Land For Sale ID#:20334

754 Contiguous acres for sale cattle/ horse ranch hunting property. beautiful timbers, rolling hills, pasture and woods, turkey, deer and wildlife abundant. spring fed year around creek, ponds, fenced and cross-fenced. 3 br/1½ bth ranch home with brick fireplace.

Benz Ranch 584 Acres Oregon Land For Sale ID#:29822

OREGON LAKE COUNTY 584 +/- ACRES PASTURE & IRRIGATED LAND FOR SALE This 584 acres is located 10 miles south of Lakeview, Oregon and 4 miles north of the Oregon / California border. The ranch has great access as it lies on both sides of US Hwy 395.

Small Farm in Illinois 2 house 10 acres ID#:30340

1800 sq ft, 3 bedroom ranch house with full basement, central heat & air, and 15 KW standby generator. 24X36 insulated building with poured concrete floor and electric service. All on ~10 acres with small pond and additional older small farm house.

Columbia Kentucky Cabin 26 Acres Land For Sale ID#:30281

Beautiful 1.5 story cabin on 26 wonderful acres. Approximately 5 acres open balance wooded. Cabin has new carpet and laminate flooring and new paint. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, one bath and utility room downstairs with 24×16 great room upstairs. Has year around branch, spring w/ hardwoods. …

Spring Green Castle Wisconsin Luxury Estate For Sale ID#:30136

Architectural and design excellence tells just part of the tale; the story is incomplete without relating the wonders of the estate’s 500 acre grounds. Breath-taking countryside panoramas are home to a variety of wild game, and two spring fed ponds are stocked with trout, bass, and panfish.

NW Florida 105 Acre Hunting Retreat w/ 2-Story Home, Private Lake ID#:28890

Magnificent 2-story, 5 bedroom, 3 bath getaway. The spectacular property includes 2 freshwater lakes, fully stocked with brown bass. The 10,000 sq. ft Horse stables adjoins the barn. Surrounded by several acres of prairie grassland you will find the local wildlife neighbors to include white tail dee…

2 Homes 2.4 Acres near Ruth Lake California ID#:30351

Custom Home 1716 sq.ft. other home is 1716 sq.ft. property consists of 2.4 acres of Trinity County California Land. This would make a good retreat or vacation property. Mountain views from the property, easy paved road access.

Equestrian Estate in the Village of Campton Hills, IL ID#:20798

Stunning Equestrian estate in the Village of Campton Hills sitting on 4.5 acres.This horse property has 4 bedrms,5.1 baths,4 fireplaces and an awesome kitchen+dining room with slate floors,granite countertops + great views of horses.Finished lower level with kitchen,eating area,bedroom,2 baths, fire…

Secluded Mountain View Home 5 Acres Duchesne Utah ID#:30414

Manufactured/Modular home 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, 1750 Sq Ft built in 1997 and sits on 5 acres of land. The water is from an artesian well. The owners have spared no expense in the water system for this home. Perfect location for retirement 2.5 miles to Starvation Reservoir, half mile to the river. …

Trinidad Colorado Home & 78.94 Acres Land For Sale ID#:30254

This sportsman paradise sits on 78.94 ac., fenced & very secluded in Phelps Canyon and is also adjacent to BLM land. Featuring pro-panel roof, hickory cabinets, Cambria counter-tops, wood burning fireplaces, sun room, hardwood flooring and tiled bathroom. Lower level is complete w/ man-cave.

Southern Oregon Lake Home & Shop on 3.9 Acres, Adjacent to BLM ID#:26351

Howard Prairie Lake Home On 3.93 Acres with a large shop is available for sale. This is a place of tranquility, away from the hectic life of tract homes and big cities. Enjoy the outdoors with hiking, bike riding, fishing, water skiing, sailing, cross-country skiing, or using a Snowmobile and ATV’s …

Columbia Kentucky Luxury Home For Sale 5 Acres ID#:29844

A3156 – This prestigious custom built home is located in southeastern Adair County and is only about 10 minutes from Lake Cumberland State Park. Home features nearly 4,000 sq. ft. p+/- of plush living space offering 4 or more bedrooms.

Colorado Prepper’s Delight ID#:30147

Property ready for operating. Accessible yet secluded. 19 Living Quarters including log cabins, restaurant, meeting facility and ponds. Accessible to Vellicito Lake, San Juan National Forest & Weminuche Wilderness. Must see to appreciate.

North West Colorado Ranch for Sale ID#:20246

Scenic Ranch with 300(+/-) acres, remote, river front, hunting, fishing, great views, off the grid

S. Central KY Home & Acreage, 49 Acres Woods & Open Land with Creek ID#:29171

Single wide and barn on 49 acres. Excellent hunting. Creek frontage.

Beautiful Cedar Home on 40 Acres Southeast Idaho ID#:27903

Just over the southern border of Idaho in a wonderful small community. 7 miles outside of town. Nearest neighbor is a mile away. Land is surrounded by farmland and National Forest to the north. Open grasslands and cultivated lands surround acreage. Awesome Big Game and Bird Hunting.

Dearing, KS Secure, Scenic & Secluded 10,000 SF Home on 325 Ac. ID#:29402

Beautiful home built in oak forest overlooking 2 acre pond. Water features,gorgeous landscaping, huge fenced in yard, adorable apartment over 2 car detached garage. Finished garages on each end of main house. 5 stocked ponds, large herd unhunted deer, hundreds of wild turkey, hiking and ATV trails

North Central Florida 80 Acres and Home for Sale by Owner ID#:28259

Close to I-10, 1/4 mile long private driveway , all fenced, 40 ac pasture, 2 bed 1 bath CB house, central H/A fireplace, centrally located, close to hospitals, schools, includes tractor, big screen TV, waterbed, sofabed, loveseat.

300 Acre Texas Hill Country Live Water Ranch for Sale ID#:29017

300 acre Texas Hill Country Ranch located in Kerr County, TX near Kerrville, just one hour to San Antonio. This property has its own 20 foot LIVE water spring-fed lake that originates ON the property! With many level areas in addition to hills and rolling terrain, there are several areas suitable to…

Nice Home 554.34 Acres Land For Sale Colorado ID#:30255

Your chance to own a piece of the Wild West on the Historic Santa fe Trail! 2 Good water wells. Nice grass land for your horses and cattle. Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. On over 550 acres. Model is an unincorporated town in Las Animas County and with this much land you can be very secluded.

Ontario, Canada 107 Acre Farm with 2 Homes & River Frontage ID#:29195

This is the dream property for lovers of nature! Only 1 hour west of Toronto Large river for fishing, rolling topography for cross-county skiing, recreational vehicle, ATV’s, hunting, camping, trailer park. Three homes on site and out buildings in a quiet private setting with 107 acres of choice san…

Shannon County, Missouri Amish-Built Home on 10-120 Acres ID#:28395

Reduced $50K…New home with 10 to 120 acres just 2 miles from town. Amish built, with land that has been deeded into 3 to 10 acre lots, so you can have it all or as little as 3 acres. Or buy the land without the house, we are flexible. We would even consider a trade for a place in Florida.

Minocqua Wisconsin 20 Acres Lake Property For Sale ID#:30151

Minocqua’s finest old tyme Family Resort, Corporate Retreat & Compound. Ultimate seclusion 1 mile dead end road, winding thru deep towering white pine, oak timber, wild life utopia! 20 acres. 1/2 mi best trophy level lakefront Located on areas quietest, safest lake. 400 ac 30ft deep all water re…

Nice Country Home on Acreage in Adair County, KY ID#:29182

Nice Home, place for livestock, good hunting.

Eugene, Oregon 330 Ac. Ranch for Sale with 2 Homes ID#:27259

Amazing South Eugene ranch/farm featuring over 330 acres of gently sloped pasture, trees and natural beauty. Two homes and several excellent outbuildings, including feeder and hay barns, machinery shop, offices and equipment buildings.

Water Front Home Sacramento River Marina Possibilities ID#:20184

Rare opportunity! Just 1 hour from the San Francisco Bay area, 1/2 mile of Sacramento river front property with unbelievable view of the Sacramento river/Butte creek confluence under sunset to the west, and awesome sunrise view of nearby Sutter Buttes (worlds smallest mountain range) 1 mile to the e…

Large Country Homes on 40 Acres, Mohave Co, AZ ID#:21124

This is a must see! Remodeled inside and out! Unique home with steel frame, granite countertops, internet wired, panoramic views. 4 Bedrooms and 3 Baths on 20 Acres with shared well. And adjoining 19.99 acres with 2Bedrooms and 2 Baths Santa Fe style manufactured home.

Clearfield Co., PA Home on 25 Acres, Garage & Shop ID#:15549

Unique opportunity in State College, PA: 25 acres with home and guest home, swimming pool, fishing pond, hiking trails, service garage, shop, bulldozer, backhoe, tractor trailer, and more.

90 Acre Missouri Ozarks Horse Farm & Hunting Property ID#:29401

Privately located 90 acre farm/ranch. Comfortable home, Lots of wildlife, great trail riding. located near the middle of thousands of acres of public recreational areas. 15 minutes west is a National Scenic River, US Dept. of interior. 20 minutes East, a Beautiful public lake US. Army Corps.

Bonanza Oregon Klamath County 302 Acres Organic Farm ID#:27605

302 irrigated acres organic certified, located in south central Oregon, near the small town of Bonanza in Klamath County on paved county road. Also includes 2 residences and other improvements.

NE Georgia 84 Acres with Cabin, Creek, Wildlife, & Privacy ID#:29364

84 acres with cabin, creek, wildlife, seclusion. Small organic garden, 25 acres pine timber, and owner-installed hiking trails accent this lovely property.

Lancaster County PA Horse Farm Land and Log Home For Sale ID#:22352

Pennsylvania Horse Farm, Historic Log Home, and Land For Sale Over 22 acres of planted pasture. New oak four-board fencing and cross-fencing. Large barn and stalls. Water from 3 wells. 3-car carriage garage. 4 BR, 3 BA home has been completely refurbished and has many custom touches. Please call …


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Behavior Modification: The Science Media Companies Use to Alter Our Psychology

Behavior Modification: The Science Media Companies Use to Alter Our Psychology
Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

Whether we realize it or not, or wish to acknowledge it or not, the news media has a definite effect upon our personal psychology. It also affects our mood, and that in turn affects many other things, including how we feel about ourselves. It also affects our views and perspective of the world around us. None of us wants to believe that someone else has control over how we think, but nonetheless, we are affected, by design.

It’s obvious that there is a lot of good news out there; in fact, there’s at least as much good news as there is bad news. So why do the news media outlets selectively pump-out mostly bad news?

In order to answer that and other questions we need to first understand the fact that it is the wealthy elitists who own and literally control the majority of the news media outlets that prefer to bombard us with negative news 24 hours a day, every day of our lives for the past 20-30 years. Here’s an interesting article that discusses some of the effects of negative news

So why would these ultra wealthy elitists want to bombard Americans with negative news?

The ultra-wealthy elites, who actually pull all the political and corporate puppet strings, need all of us everyday average Americans to be doing our jobs. In fact, the growing of their wealth, and the security of that wealth depends heavily upon all of us ‘worker bees’ going to work and performing our jobs in a timely and regular manner. This allows commerce to flow, and that makes them money. However, being a ‘worker-bee’ doesn’t work so well for us; after we pay bills and taxes on top of taxes, we are lucky to have a two-week vacation and cable TV. Of course there is the illusion of potential advancement, but like the carrot in front of mule, we really never reach that illusive ‘big brass ring’ by being a ‘worker-bee’.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the elitists have paid lobbyists who essentially tell elected government officials (here and abroad) their desires, which are for the most part obeyed. As we are seeing lately, ‘We The People’ seem to have very little control over what ‘some’ of our own elected officials do, once they get into office.

Now imagine for a moment what would happen to these wealthy elitists if every American worker simultaneously went on strike for 24 hours. Just think about that for a minute… and the far-reaching and extensive effects of such an action… it would literally shut down America for 24 hours… and in the process, it would cost the elitists billions of dollars. The bottom-line is actually very simple, if you follow the money.

So, to help our understanding and grasp of this situation, let’s flip the tables for a minute, and let’s assume for the moment ‘we’ are the wealthy elitists, and we have their problem: How do we keep all the worker bees doing their jobs everyday? The solution is not as complicated as we might think; First, control all news media outlets by buying and owning them all. This is done across a group of wealthy elitists, all with the same general agenda, so the tactic is not as obvious to outsiders looking-in. Then start the music…..

Bombard people with news that; makes the grass less greener elsewhere.
Bombard people with news that, government will take care of all the people’s problems as long as they comply, by going along to get along
Bombard people with news that makes them complacent; ‘resistance is futile’, etc.
Bombard people with news about ‘trends’ which are carefully designed to subliminally instruct people in; what to expect in life, what to buy, how to ‘look’, how to act and talk, how to vote, etc. By making people into dedicated consumers, the elitists make more money.
Bombard the people with news that covers and protects the actions of government officials who are directly or indirectly working for elitists.
Control journalists…if they go rogue, take away the venue for their articles.
Offset the effect of the Internet by launching and sponsoring thousands of small web-based magazines and blogs that provide synergistic reporting to the mainstream news media outlets, thus diluting the effects of the few ‘independent’ web-based news sources, and when needed, buy them out too.
Bombard people with bad news enough, and eventually they feel hopeless and arrive at the point where they will settle for even a little good news in their lives; I.E. 3 meals a day, a cell phone and cable TV.

So without continuing down the full list of tactics, I think we all get the point… control all information for human consumption, and control humans. And when you own nearly all of the media outlets, that’s not as hard as it sounds.

Of course the internet has thrown a small monkey wrench into their works, but given the ‘peoples’ ubiquitous exposure to all of the other news media sources, the Internet is not the great equalizer the ‘people’ would hope for.

The totality of the negative news and our nearly total and continuous immersion in that news does its work.

I left the U.S. in 2008 on a sailboat and literally went into the wilderness of the Sea of Cortez for two years. There was no news, no radio, no TV, no cable, no mind control. It was after about two or three months after arriving in the Sea of Cortez that I realized that I ‘felt’ considerably different. I felt a freedom that I had never known, and my mind became exceptionally clear from that point forward. And my physiology changed as well; my blood pressure dropped and the quality of my sleep improved greatly. When I returned to the U.S. in 2011, it wasn’t long until it felt like someone put a heavy weight upon my neck. Unlike the dirt poor people who I knew on the Baja who were legitimately happy living in tiny hovels, the Americans who were now around me were by contrast generally not genuinely happy… people were all in a big rush, road rage was everywhere… etc. And as I began hearing the news day after day again, I could begin to literally sense a difference in my mood, and my perceptions. It was at that point that it became crystal clear… having been away from what can be legitimately called ‘brain washing’, I was suddenly in the unique position to clearly sense it by contrast; and it was obvious.

So is there any solution? Can we do anything to change this situation? The answer is yes!

Short of taking an extended vacation from all news media (it takes a month or two of zero exposure), which I think is best solution for re-setting your psychology and perspective; there are some methods to mitigate the effects of negative news.

The first step to avoiding any trap is to acknowledge that the trap exists. If after reading this, you are beginning to see the method to the madness (the elitists and their stream of bad news), then you are already making progress. By understanding the motives and the methods, now when you read or hear the news, you can interpret it using a new perspective. As an additional measure, you can significantly reduce the amount of your ‘news exposure’ as well as being more selective as to the source of any such news.

These solutions are hard to effect and require cognizant discipline on a regular basis.

This article is found at www.theprepperjournal.com and was posted by William Simpson.

Last Shopping Trip Ever: What to Get if You Only Have One Chance Left

Last Shopping Trip Ever: What to Get if You Only Have One Chance Left
Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

The news on Wednesday mentioned closed door meetings with the President and the heads of the several agencies and organizations dealing with finances. It included members of the Federal Reserve (which is not a government agency) the FDIC, the CFTC and the SEC as well as the Federal Housing Agency.  This meeting has a lot of people spooked and you can read some reasons why on the SHTFPlan blog. Actually, by the time this post is published, we may know what they were talking about. Mostly, the very rational concern stems from the belief that something big is getting ready to happen and only the powers that be know what it is. They are obviously too scared to let us know. Could this have anything to do with the glitch on NASDAQ Thursday that halted trading?

News like this makes me start to mentally go over my preps and I start analyzing what I still haven’t done, or need to check on again. This happens almost every time there is a news story like this and it is with the full knowledge and belief that I am squared away at a level that I believe will keep my family fed and secure for a good bit of time. Could we last if everything descended into chaos tomorrow and there was wide-spread panic, looting, violence and wars? That, I don’t know. However, we have made a lot of preparations for our family so I don’t feel helpless if we are visited by a future doomsday scenario like that any time soon. I certainly don’t welcome it, but I don’t feel like we’ll be caught completely off guard either.  I mentioned in another post how from time to time, thinking about what I would do with some small amount of advanced warning causes me to reevaluate my preps. I do think that it is wise to constantly be aware of your surroundings (as well as what’s going on in the world) and to take advantage of circumstances if you can, to give your family a leg up.

One of the recurring comments from that post was that I didn’t offer solutions. I will admit that the title of the post could have easily been misunderstood and that is my fault. The post was titled “You have 36 hours to keep your family safe: what do you do?” and you could logically assume from that title that I was going to tell you what to do. That I would be giving you six steps you can take to prepare your family for survival or something along those lines. What I was doing, was telling you the question I had in my mind and how I thought about the various things any parent would think if faced with that situation. It wasn’t my intention to confuse people, but I understand people are looking for actions they can take so in this post I hope to give some ideas about what you can do if you only have a very small amount of time and you need to get some last minute items for your family.

I will take the same scenario but shorten the time a little and let’s say you have 12 hours advance knowledge of some event. Let’s say the stock market started tanking mid-day and the punditry and your own sixth sense was telling you that something serious was happening. By the close of business the market is down 30% and trading has been halted. Maybe the government declares a bank holiday, credit cards aren’t accepted and you only have the cash in your wallet or what you have hidden for a rainy day. You know you have to run to the store to get supplies before the rest of the world beats you to it and we will say that you have a limited budget of $200. What would you do? Where would you go and in what order would things need to be done?

Before I continue, I must say that this scenario, if it really was as dire as I am painting would be deadly for a lot of people. I don’t know that what you could grab from the store in 2 hours would keep you alive for years, but it could keep you alive for a week. Something as complex as financial Armageddon can’t be survived with a few cans of tuna fish and some pop tarts but you have to live to fight another day, right? It’s a start, but in a perfect world you would have begun your journey to being prepared a long time ago. We will assume this trip is just going to be adding to what you already have. You could just as easily apply most of the same concepts to a hurricane or flood. That said, let’s go!

This article was posted by P. Henry at http://www.theprepperjournal.com/2013/08/24/last-shopping-trip-ever-what-to-get-if-you-only-have-one-chance-left/ go there to view the rest of this informative article as well as many other prepper related material.


Prepper Log Home For Sale California Solar & 10 Acres

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Health Risks from Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Health Risks from Fluorescent Lightbulbs
Uncle Sam’s Not-So-Bright Solution
Soon the switch from inefficient incandescent bulbs to power-saving ones like CFLs will be complete, and America will be conserving countless kilowatts of power. So what if a little radiation and mercury are part of the bargain?
By Bryan Smith, Photographs by Claire Benoist, Posted Date: May 2, 2013

“IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE,” MIRIAM RAFAILOVICH, PH.D., is saying, perhaps sensing my distress after she’d peppered me with rapid-fire tech talk at her lab at Long Island’s Stony Brook University. “Here, look. You can see it.”

She holds up one of those spirally CFLs—compact fluorescent lights, the bulbs that have been crowding out incandescents on store shelves. “There,” says the materials engineering researcher. “And there. And, oh my, look at that. Wow.”

Sure enough, it doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to spot a series of hairline cracks in the coiled glass tubing, along with one hole the size of a small beauty mark. “We found the same thing in every bulb we bought,” Rafailovich says.

Last year, Rafailovich’s research team at Stony Brook conducted a series of experiments showing that these innocent-looking fissures allowed ultraviolet rays to leak out. And leak not just a little of UV radiation but enough to cause skin damage akin to what a day at the beach sans sunscreen might yield. The UV toll on unshielded eyes could be even worse: You may as well be gazing straight at a solar eclipse, she says.

It’s the reason she keeps CFL bulbs far away from her at home, only using them in ceiling fixtures. And more important, it’s why she’s deeply concerned about a little-discussed but profoundly impactful switch already occurring for U.S. consumers. (You can replace your lightbulbs at home, but your office is a different story.)

As Rafailovich speaks, I become keenly aware of the fluorescent light shining on me from the tubes overhead. Such illumination has always seemed a little harsh to me but certainly not harmful—hardly noticeable, in fact. As I soak in what she’s telling me, I flick a glance at the white glow and wonder.

THE UNITED STATES HAD NOT EVEN TURNED 35 WHEN AN English chemist named Humphry Davy made a discovery as profound as the caveman’s first flame: He “created” light by connecting two wires to a battery and placing a charcoal strip between the wires. The light glowed white-hot as the juice from the battery flowed through it.

A practical use for Davy’s invention would not appear for another 70 years, when Thomas Edison, building on decades of hit-and-miss science, created the modern lightbulb by placing a carbon filament in an oxygen-free glass lamp. Edison’s first bulb stayed lit for almost 14 hours-a marvel at the time. Improvements to the discovery, including the replacement of carbon filaments with tungsten, continued through the decades until the bulb lit lamps all over the world. The one nagging problem, however, was that the technology wasted—and still wastes—vast amounts of energy.

And so, on a parallel track with the development of the incandescent bulb, other scientists tinkered with fluorescents. Instead of utilizing a glowing filament, the fluorescent light employs an integrated device called a ballast to produce an electric current that passes through a vapor mix of mercury and argon, exciting the molecules and producing ultraviolet rays. These rays strike the phosphor coating on the bulb, which then gives off visible light. The fluorescent tube as we know it today, the one shining down on cubicles around the world, took far longer to perfect than Edison’s famous invention did. But by the 1970s, these lights had not only come of age but also were mostly replacing the less efficient incandescents in stores, offices, workshops, and plants around the country.

The next step was to create a compact version of this tubular light source. It needed to be about the size of a standard incandescent and to fit into the same screw-based socket. Bending the tubes into the now familiar coil shape solved the problem, and the CFL was born.

In recent years, nations around the world, dazzled by the potential energy savings, have begun phasing out inefficient incandescent bulbs. Canada, Australia, and members of the European Union all either have stopped making the old bulbs or plan to stop soon. The United States started its own process in 2007, when Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act. After 2011, 100-watt incandescent bulbs were no longer being manufactured. On January 1 of this year, 75-watt bulbs followed suit. In 2014, any remaining inefficient incandescents, 60-watt and 40-watt, will fade to black for good.

How to Safely Clear Your Home When You Think There’s an Intruder

How to Safely Clear Your Home When You Think There’s an Intruder

Standing to the left of the door, with the gun close to his body, the author prepares to push open the door and quickly take a step back to his original position.

Standing to the left of the door, with the gun close to his body, the author prepares to push open the door and quickly take a step back to his original position.

My lazy beagle Toby was loudly barking as I’d never heard him before.

Usually I would have waited a minute or two to see if I heard any footsteps, strange noises, or a window breaking, but I didn’t have time to spare. My mother, who had cancer, was bedridden on the couch on the main floor of our house and I needed to get to her before a potential intruder did.

I cleared the house as quickly and safely as I could, and my mother was fine. I never found out what Toby was barking at that night, but I have no doubt he scared away a burglar.

Having my mother restricted to the main floor of the house made it necessary to leave my bedroom that night and make sure she was okay. However, if it’s 3:00 a.m. and you hear a window break or you know someone is trying to enter your house, the last thing you want to do is leave your bedroom to go and confront the person. In the ideal world you would get your family together into your designated safe room (such as your master bedroom) and wait there until the police arrive.

Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world. Perhaps you’re like I was and you have a family member living on the first floor or even in the basement. If this is the case you have no choice but to leave your bedroom; therefore it’s necessary for you to know how to safely clear your house.

If you’ve ever seen the police clear a house, you know they always go in with a minimum of two people. But you and I likely won’t have the choice to grab someone else at 3:00 a.m. to come help us, so here’s how you properly clear a house by yourself, even though it’s a dangerous situation you want to try to avoid at all costs.


The author slightly leans to the left as he’s clearing a corner, so an intruder will hopefully see the gun first before the rest of his body.

First off, if you hear a noise in the middle of the night and you need to clear your house, you had better be able to take one or two steps from your bed and have access to your gun, which should be “cocked and locked.” In other words, the gun should have a round in the chamber so all you have to do is pull the trigger to shoot. Right next to your gun should be your flashlight. I use a SureFire G2X Tactical light.

Many houses have enough ambient light for you to maneuver around without the need to have the flashlight on all of the time, so just use it for target identification purposes so you don’t accidentally shoot the wrong person. (Also, read Tom Givens’ excellent article Flashlight Techniques for Home Defense in the July 2011 issue of CCM.)

Once you’ve got your gun and light, it’s time to leave the bedroom. If you’ve got a traditional house, you’ll likely end up entering a hallway. Stay close to the wall on the one side of the hallway and avoid walking down the middle, so you minimize your outline and make yourself less of a target.

As you slowly move down the hallway you’ll probably come across a bedroom or bathroom door. What should you do? If you’ve got a family member living in the basement and time is important, and you’re pretty sure nobody made it upstairs, then just move on past the door. I know this isn’t tactically correct, but we’re talking about a real life scenario here. If you’ve got your daughter sleeping in the basement, then no parent is going to take the time to clear every upstairs bedroom when they hear an intruder on the first floor or proceeding down the basement stairs.

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

However, if you don’t have to rush downstairs, you’ll certainly want to check the room ahead. But before you attempt to open the door (or any door in your house for that matter) you need to pull the gun close to your body so the inside of your wrist is practically touching your rib cage. In other words, instead of having your arm fully extended, your elbow should be bent about 90 degrees. This position gives you more control over the firearm in case someone was to try and reach for it. Another reason you bring the gun in close is so that you don’t accidentally point the gun at your other hand while it’s opening the door.

Assuming the door you’ve approached is on your right, you’ll want to stand against the right side wall, with your gun close to your body, while reaching for the doorknob with your other hand. (Do not stand in the doorway. You should be reaching across while remaining against the wall.) If the door opens away from you then turn the doorknob and give the door a solid push and immediately take a step backward against the right side wall again. If the door opens towards you, pull the door swiftly towards you and again take a step backward.

Once you’ve opened the door it’s time to “slice the pie.” This is a method used to clear corners and doorway entrances where you clear each area in small slices. For instance, if you had just pushed your door open and stepped back you would be standing against the right side wall. Obviously, from this position you can’t see into the entire room and you certainly don’t want to take a step into the doorway and fully expose yourself.

So, you would begin to take small side-steps in a semi-circular motion. In other words, if you’re on the right side of the door, you’ll end up on the left side by going in a wide semi-circle around the doorway entrance. Each time you take a side-step, have your body slightly lean in the direction you’re headed so that if an intruder is in the room they will see the muzzle of your gun first and the rest of your body won’t be exposed.

Each time you take a step, give a brief pause so that you can scan as much of the room as possible and you can determine if that part of the room is clear. Once you end up on the left side of the door, you’ve done as much as you can to clear the room from the outside. Also, I realize slicing the pie may seem confusing, so please refer to the diagrams I created, which should make this process clearer.

Try and expose as little of your body as possible. If the intruder happens to have a gun, you don’t want to be an easy target!

If you approach a door from the right hand side, take small steps in a semi-circle, until you eventually end up on the left side. Once you’ve accomplished this and have scanned as much of the room as possible, it’s time to enter.

Don’t forget to have patience while clearing a corner. This is not a time to rush unless a family member is on a lower level and you must immediately reach them.

Now that it’s time to enter the room, you’ll want to quickly step through the doorway and move to the opposite corner. For instance, if you’re entering the doorway from the left side, move to the right corner and give a quick look over your shoulder to make sure nobody’s hiding in the left corner. Don’t forget to check all places an intruder could be hiding such as under a bed, in a closet, under a desk or under any other large object.

Once you’re satisfied the room is clear it’s time to continue moving through your house. The next obstacle you’ll run into is the stairs. But before you just stand at the top of the stairs and make yourself an easy target, you’ll want to slice the pie just as you did with the doorway so you can make sure nobody is waiting at the bottom of the stairs to attack you. Again, start on one side of the wall and take small steps in a semicircle so you can see a little bit more of the stairs each time.

Amanda Hanson demonstrates how the gun should be close to the body before attempting to open a door. This helps to prevent someone from grabbing the gun out of your hands. Notice, she also has her finger off the trigger.

Amanda Hanson demonstrates how the gun should be close to the body before attempting to open a door. This helps to prevent someone from grabbing the gun out of your hands. Notice, she also has her finger off the trigger.

Once you do a full scan of the stairs, make your way down, while at the same time scanning everything you can see. The stairs are a nightmare because you’ve likely got a room entrance at the bottom of the stairs to your left and then you’ve got a large hallway to your right with a number of openings too.

Since there is no way to see into the room on the left while going down the stairs, try and scan as much of the hallway to your right as possible. Once you get to the bottom, slice the pie for the room on your left while constantly glancing over your shoulder to see if anyone is approaching on your right. As you can see, it would be very easy to get ambushed while going down the stairs (which is just one of the many reasons police officers always go in teams of at least two while clearing a house).

You’ll clear the rest of your main floor just as you cleared your top floor when first leaving your bedroom. Every time you come to a corner or a door, you’ll want to slice the pie so you’ll hopefully see the bad guy before he sees you. If you have a basement, you’ll systematically clear it the same way too. Also, remember to have patience throughout this entire process. Each time you take a semi-circular step around a corner or doorway entrance, pause and scan the area from the floor to the ceiling.

Perhaps most importantly, since clearing a house is such a dangerous activity, you need

The author’s clearing tools of choice: Glock 19 9mm handgun and SureFire G2X Tactical light.

The author’s clearing tools of choice: Glock 19 9mm handgun and SureFire G2X Tactical light.

to practice it as often as you can. For example, last month I got back from a ten day vacation in Utah. I knew my house was secure and no alarms had gone off, however, when I got back to my house from the airport I didn’t just rush in and plop myself down on the couch.

Instead, I opened my front door and took a step back and sliced the pie. Next, I cleared my entire house to make sure it was empty. Not only is this good practice, but I had been gone for ten days, so there’s always a possibility someone could have been hiding in my house.

Another good activity is to practice clearing the house with your spouse or kids. Tell them to go hide somewhere and play a fun game of hide and seek. When you’re searching for them you’ll want to pay attention to see if they see you first or you see them first. Also, if you’re slicing the pie, have them point out the moment they see you or what body part they see first. This will help determine if you’re doing it correctly—the muzzle of the gun is the first thing they should see, not your legs. Obviously, if you do play this game, don’t go around with a real gun. Use your finger or use a plastic training gun instead.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough that clearing a house by yourself is the last thing you want to do. If you still don’t believe me, and you’re the macho type with a huge ego, then play the hide and seek game I mentioned above. After your spouse has surprised and “killed” you for the tenth time, you’ll fully realize that if possible, waiting in your safe room while the police clear the house is the much smarter option.

The author of this article is Jason R. Hanson who is a former CIA officer. Please visit The Prepper Journal at www.theprepperjournal.com for this and other informative prepper articles.

How to Make Sure Your Vehicle is as Prepared as You Are

How to Make Sure Your Vehicle is as Prepared as You Are
The average American spends up to 12 years in their car, and that means that you are probably going to be spending oh… around a sixth of your life in your automobile in various stages of transportation, idling, and using colorful language to describe your frustrations to your fellow drivers.

While I can’t help with making the daily grind pleasant, in this article we’re going to explore some things you can do to make sure that the events that happen in and around our cars are less stressful – and that’s a good thing, because less stress = longer lives = more time spent in cars.

With that in mind, let’s think back to Understanding Emergencies and Everyday Carry. We can apply these same templates to our vehicles, to make the most unpleasant moments on the road a little more manageable.


The vehicle has unique problems that are particularly challenging. That’s okay, though, because these challenges still fall into our previously established categories of emergency “types.” In doing this, we can maintain some consistency, while only modifying our metric of how protracted the event is.  So, in evaluating how we’ll address our needs, we’ll first define our most likely emergencies by their types.

Type 1: High Intensity – Short Duration

There’s probably no better example of this kind of emergency than a car wreck. These happen in the blink of an eye and produce an overwhelming amount of pandemonium – and then they’re over. Car accidents take on a variety of levels of severity, but we can easily say that if you’re in a car accident, the accident doesn’t “last” for hours (even if the impacts do). However, even though the quintessential Type 1 Emergency is the auto-accident, there are others:

– Carjacking
– Car fires
– Submergence
– Environmental emergencies (earthquakes, floods etc.)

All deserve to be considered when we pack our cars with gear and our heads with the skills to mitigate these emergencies.  Keep in mind that these lists are going to be extremely short, as our everyday carry (EDC) structure will take care of quite a few of these problems.


– Medical kit (discussed later)
– Water (potable)
– Flares
– Defensive tools
– Fire extinguisher (such an overlooked necessity)


First Aid
– Defensive driving
– Good situational awareness
– Vehicle defensive skills

There are a few occurrences that will show you the ‘weak points’ in your defensive driving curriculum. Your ability to manipulate things like your seatbelt or clutch are likely to suffer, so it’s important to make sure you have a mental outline of what you’re going to do, and practice it.

For example, I don’t wear my seatbelt if I’m going under 20 miles per hour. If something happens, I want to be able to exit quickly and not fuss with it. While I don’t advocate this, it’s a part of my baseline from when I worked patrol. Establish one for yourself as well, based on your vehicle and your comfort level with the above situations. No matter what happens, there are a few basic things you’re going to want to do:

  1. Stop the vehicle from moving (if you can)
  2. Safely put the vehicle in neutral, and utilize the parking break. Note: This allows you to keep the vehicle running, in case you need to move again quickly, and minimizes the chances that the vehicle won’t start again if you’ve been in a collision.
  3. Safely exit the vehicle
  4. Move to a safer location (off the road, etc.)

So, for me, my order of operations is as follows:

  1. Move out of the area of whatever put you in danger (i.e., get the heck out of Dodge)
  2. Put the vehicle in Neutral and engage the parking brake
  3. a) Release your seatbelt slowly, cautiously, and without an excess of movement (this is a relatively small activity that can turn into a fine-motor-skill nightmare if you don’t practice it – especially if you’re hanging upside down, or some road-raged freak is trying to punch you through the window – both of which have happened to me)
    b) Remove your seatbelt deliberately and without any ‘sudden’ movements. This generally will cause the belt to “lock” and resist your movements. Don’t get trapped by being in a hurry!
  4. Do a mental sweep of the vehicle and the surroundings. Grab any equipment that you must have.
  5. Exit the vehicle after a second quick spot-check in the mirrors.
  6. Move away from any hazards, and place yourself behind something solid (jersey barriers, telephone poles, etc.)

This way, regardless of the emergency, I can get in and out quickly, am aware of the potential hazards before I get out, and I have anything I’m going to need to treat injuries or move on foot (second-line equipment) .

This article was posted by Aaron M. please visit The Prepper  Journal www.theprepperjournal.com to view the entire article.

Forget Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, Maybe we should be buying Riot Helmets and Protective Gear

Forget Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, Maybe we should be buying Riot Helmets and Protective Gear
If for some reason you have until now refused to believe that the Government has been planning for the potential of some form of armed confrontation with Americans; the events of just the last two weeks should have shattered that illusion. The hits just keep on coming with the IRS Scandal in which the Internal Revenue Service has targeted Patriot and Tea Party groups for harassment, The NSA scandal which only illustrated what has been whispered in terms of government intrusion into your personal communications and now, The Department of Homeland is purchasing Riot gear.What? Is that somewhat of a letdown in comparison to all of the other examples of a government itching to pick a fight? The billions of rounds of ammunition, the use of drones against US citizens, the indefinite detention orders, the thousands of MRAP vehicles, were something, but Riot Gear is boring you say.I disagree. I believe that there can be no doubt in the minds of sensible people that we are in for something very bad. At least that is how the government sees it and they ought to know, they are listening to all of our communications. The Department of Homeland Security’s mission statement is “…to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards.” Well, we apparently are “other hazards”. DHS sees a need to prepare for violent protests apparently by who else but US citizens. I say that because the DHS doesn’t have a role outside of the US. Their job is to protect the citizens of this country, in this country, not take up arms against them.

An article by Paul Joseph Watson illustrates the potential scenarios that DHS believes they need to be prepared for as they make plans to purchase hundreds of items of protective gear for their Federal Protective Service Officers.

What does the Federal Protective Service do you may ask? According to the DHS website, the FPS is:

The premier provider of security and law enforcement services at U.S. federal government facilities. FPS plays a leading role in the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure, with lead responsibility for ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers and visitors in approximately 9,000 federal facilities nationwide.

So, if the FPS is the enforcement arm of DHS and their charge is protecting the nation’s federal facilities, “ensuring a safe and secure working environment for federal workers” they must be planning for attacks on Federal Buildings. Riots to be more precise.

The article from Paul Joseph Watson goes into details on this latest request for equipment that can only be used against US citizens.

A June 10 solicitation posted on the FedBizOpps website seeks to outfit officers working for the DHS’ Federal Protective Service, which is primarily used to guard government buildings but has also been used to spy on protesters.

As we reported last month, FPS officers were used to guard an IRS building in St. Louis during a Tea Party protest against the federal agency’s discrimination targeting conservative groups.

As GSN reports, the items the DHS is looking to acquire include the following;

– 111 Centurion CPX2500 Soft Shell Riot Control System upper body and shoulder protection, which must “effectively protect the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma.”

– 123 Centurion TPX200 thigh/groin protection systems “designed for blunt trauma protection during riot control situations,” said the solicitation. The gear “protects the thigh area and has an adjustable and removable groin protector.”

– 110 Hatch TS70 Centurion hard shell shin guards, which must provide “substantial protection from flying debris. Non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg.”

– 189 MaxPro-Police riot helmets, which have a “high impact molded half shell helmet with integral visor and neck protector.”

The solicitation also includes a request for 116 pairs of tactical gloves and 128 forearm protectors. The contract includes four additional one year option periods. The equipment will be delivered to a Federal Protective Service facility in Alexandria, VA, within 45 days of the award.

The reference to “riot control situations” can be found in the “Statement of Work” file at the bottom of the solicitation.

In the sphere of prepping we try to imagine all potential scenarios that may jeopardize our families, or place them in harm. With that perspective we try to acquire skills, tools and knowledge that can mitigate the pain or danger from whatever the potential scenarios are. If the signs increasingly point to a government agency (DHS) who is preparing for conflict, what should you do? What if there is nowhere to Bug Out to? What if the disaster starts walking down your street? What if the national emergency is wearing riot gear and shooting at you with ammunition purchased with your tax dollars?

These are very strange and I fear perilous times we are living in. Make sure you adjust your priorities if needed in consideration of the knowledge of actual threats as well as potential natural disasters. It may be wise to prepare for other contingencies that you may have not considered until now. If the DHS is planning for widespread riots, what should you do? At the very least, keep up to date on the news and pray hard. We are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

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2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

2 More Reasons to Carry Concealed Firearms

The news offers two more examples of how trained civilians with firearms could have prevented bad things from happening. In Woolwich, London yesterday two insane individuals ran over a man and crushed him between their car and a sign. After that they jumped out of the car and started hacking and chopping him with meat cleavers and knives. This resulted in death and near decapitation for the wounded soldier.

I am struck by the thought that this could have been prevented if someone had been able to engage these two wackos before they were able to finish the job they started. It is also incredibly fortunate that these two psychopaths did not injure anyone else because the police did not appear for 20 minutes. Instead of doing anything about it a crowd of people gathered to watch these killers rant about Allah and record video on their cell phones. Pathetic.

The two were stopped when finally a police officer with a firearm appeared on the scene. The two men had an old “rusty” firearm of their own which they did shoot at the police officer which malfunctioned and blew the thumb off one of their hands.


Image courtesy of Daily Mail

What would you have done had this unfolded in the US where we can still carry firearms? Even though the potential of us loosing that right guaranteed by our Second Amendment is under threat everyday, good guys can and do prevent crimes like this all of the time. Had there been someone near these two men when the crime initially occurred that would have been able and willing to step up to the moment, this soldier may still be alive right now. Obviously, the wouldn’t have stopped a car, but the ensuing carnage that happened next may have been prevented.

The second reason comes from somewhere closer to home, but never the less still in an area where firearms are not allowed freely for the average citizen. In Queens, New York last month a man was apparently kidnapped right off the street by three men who pretended to be police officers. They flashed a badge and threw him into a van and drove him to a warehouse where they kept him for over a month. During this month, he was burned with acid, beaten, threatened with mutilation and death. For this month he was bound at the hands and masked.

This one is more complicated because the assailants were acting like police officers so your average person on the street would be less likely to step into that situation; however it is telling that we as society have become so accustomed to police driving up and throwing someone into the back of a car and speeding away, that nobody cares.

In an earlier post I established my belief that law abiding citizens have a duty to carry concealed weapons if they have any desire to stop bad things like this from happening. If more good people carried guns I believe incidents like this would decline. Statistics from the FBI show that violent crime rates have dropped for at least 5 years which runs counter to the argument that more guns equals more murders. The sales of firearm purchases have exploded in recent years so there may be some link that may be drawn between these two facts. The more people it seems to me that have guns, the less violent crime we see.

I do feel sorry for the families of these two tragedies and we hope for their peace and healing in the case of the soldier in London. We should use these two examples as yet another illustration where

  1. The police can’t protect you from bad things.
  2. Taking guns away from people doesn’t prevent murder.
  3. There are still plenty of evil people in the world.
  4. There is something that we can all do about it.


The police took twenty minutes to get to the scene with firearms to stop these two men. How horrific would it have needed to get for the crowd to attack them and bring them down? What if they had gone into a school heaven forbid?

These two didn’t have assault weapons or pressure cookers, yet they were able to kill a man and hold a crowd of sheep at bay for twenty minutes.

If you have been considering carrying a concealed weapon or even purchasing your own firearm for the first time here is my advice. First, consider if this is a responsibility that you will accept. Taking another’s life is not something that can be erased. You should weigh these options with a significant gravity. Carrying a gun isn’t like Jack Bauer on 24 and if you have to use it, you could die in the process or accidentally kill an innocent. If you believe you need a weapon for self-protection and are willing to use it then I would suggest you get trained, become very proficient with your firearm choice and carry concealed. You could be the person standing between a killer and an innocent life.

If you are already a concealed carry permit holder I hope this reinforces your resolve and determination to not only carry every where you can legally but mentally prepares you for a situation like this. I personally hope I am never faced with a choice like this but I do believe that if I were, I would do what I could to save a life. I hope if I were on the receiving end of an attack like this, one of you would too.

The author of this article is known as P. Henry. Please visit www.theprepperjounal.com for very informative prepper articles.