How I got to be a Delegate from Wyoming to the Republican National Convention

I am certain you’ve never heard of me, unless you are a friend or relative, because I am just a beginner at politics. Yet somehow, in this most contentious political year for Republicans, I am going to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as a delegate.

Source: American Thinker

Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism: Venezuela Is Now The Country With No Beer

It seems that the economic management of Venezuela has just been able to chalk up another milestone. We might have to give them a prize of some kind for this one: in a week or so the country is going to run out of beer. This isn’t because no one […]

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Luke Walton’s Contract With Los Angeles Lakers A Huge Bargain In Today’s NBA Head Coaching Market

The Los Angeles Lakers clearly meant business when it came to their head coaching search, gettingtop candidate Luke Walton to sign on the dotted line the same day as his first and only meeting with the organization. The new deal, which came together less than a week after firing former coach […]

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The Triumphant Return of Argentina to International Capital Markets

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri (Photo Credit: Victor Caivano, Associated Press) Earlier this month, Argentina issued $16.5 billion in bonds in the largest emerging market debt deal on record, effectively returning to international capital markets for the first time after a following a plague of defaults over the past 15 years under […]

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Joey Silvestera Opens His Second Blackstones Salon At The Roxy Hotel In Tribeca

Joey Silvestera, owner of Blackstonessalon, opened his second locationinTribeca’s Roxy Hotel. With clients such asHelena Christensen, Alexander Wang, Leigh Lezark, andPaul Sevigny, it was only a matter of time beforeSilvestera would expand his growing business. His friendship with Sevigny, who has a private cocktail lounge inside thehotel, helped him start […]

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Slamming the U.S.: Beijing-Moscow Denounce Washington​’s South ​​China Sea​ Resolve

China and Russia have agreed on the need to limit U.S. influence in the Asia-Pacific Region. On Friday, following bilateral talks in Beijing Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi expressed opposition to the U.S. deployment of an anti-missile system in South Korea and also said […]

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Let’s Put An End To The ‘Trade Blake Griffin’ Talk

Just stop. Enough already, okay? Don’t look at me like, ‘Huh? What are you taking about?’ If you can’tsee theendless ‘Clippers MustTrade Blake Griffin’ stories on the horizon then you’re out of touch with how the NBA offseason/internet works (shout out toFOX Sportsfor being the first to fire up ESPN’s […]

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Hillary Clinton Supports Innovative Schools…Up To A Point

VideoCongratulations to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for supporting the Eagle Academy, a network of six successful boys-only public high schools in some of the toughest neighborhoods in America. Clinton came to New York City on Friday to address the annual fundraiser for the schools, which operate in all five […]

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National Constitution Center Lets Real, Virtual Visitors Create Their Own Presidential Campaign Ad

A new exhibition on the Presidential election season at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia features an “Ad-O-Matic” platform that lets visitors create their own ads during the current Presidential campaign.

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Meet The CEO Of The $1.1 Billion Startup Reforming Education In The Arab World

Maysa Jalbout is working on two problems that many other foundation executives could never even imagine. She has a ton of cash to work with — $1.1 billion — but it won’t be nearly enough. And that means that her focus needs to be on leverage: finding partners, and using […]

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